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Because petroleum figures so prominently in our lives today, petroleum geologists play a vital role in raising public awareness of the relationship between Earth science and sustainability. That’s why you are invited to bring your education, experience and expertise to the 25th annual Earth Science Week, which celebrates the theme of “Earth Science for a Sustainable World.” Earth Science Week 2022 is Oct. 10-16.

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)
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“You don’t look like that anymore,” a good friend recently observed in reference to the headshot that I use in EXPLORER and other professional spaces. “You need a new picture!” A quick glance in the mirror confirms her point and is a not-so-subtle reminder that time marches ever onward, and as it does both we and the world around us are in a state of change. The same is true for mission-driven organizations, like AAPG. We don’t often think about groups in this way, but associations also follow a predictable life cycle.

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