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Meet Officer Candidates

Steven M.
Steven M. Goolsby
Candidate for President-Elect (2021-2022)
Douglas E.
Douglas E. Wyatt Jr.
Candidate for President-Elect (2021-2022)
Vice President, Regions
Elvira Pureza
Elvira Pureza Gomez Hernandez
Candidate for Vice President, Regions (2021-2023)
Nosa Omorodion
Candidate for Vice President, Regions (2021-2023)
Jonathan Allen
Candidate for Secretary (2021-2023)
Rachelle Kernen
Candidate for Secretary (2021-2023)

Current Issue

Desktop /Portals/0/PackFlashItemImages/WebReady/delegates-voice-november-2020-cover.jpg?width=287&quality=90amp;encoder=freeimage&progressive=true 58901 Delegates Voice Issue: Delegates Voice Issue
In this issue:
  • Chairman's Remarks
  • President's Letter
  • Membership Committee Report
  • HoD Officer Candidates
  • Chair-Elect Candidate - Travis Helms
  • Chair-Elect Candidate - Justin Vanderbrink
  • Secretary/Editor Candidate - Ramadan Ghalayini
  • Secretary/Editor Candidate - Rachel Williams

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