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Meet Officer Candidates

Steven M.
Candidate for President-Elect (2021-2022)
Vice President, Regions
Candidate for Vice President, Regions (2021-2023)
Candidate for Secretary (2021-2023)

Election Results

The results are in for the AAPG officer election for the president-elect, vice president – regions, and secretary. Thank you for your voting participation!

We extend our congratulations to the new officers as they prepare for their leadership roles.

Steven Goolsby has been voted president-elect of AAPG for the 2021–22 term and will serve as the Association’s president in 2022–23.

Also elected to the incoming AAPG Executive Committee were:

  • Vice President–Regions (2021–23) – Elvira Pureza Gomez Hernandez, CNOOC International, Bogota, Colombia
  • Secretary (2021–23) – Jonathan Allen, Chevron, Houston

Both Gomez and Allen will serve two-year terms and, like Goolsby, will begin their service July 1, serving on an Executive Committee headed by Gretchen Gillis, who assumes the AAPG presidency on that date.

All will be joining continuing EC members Linda Sternbach, who continues as vice president-Sections; Denise Stone continues as treasurer; and Robert K. Merrill, who continues as editor.

Also on the committee will be Kristie Ferguson as chair of the AAPG House of Delegates.

Voting results show that slightly more than 21 percent of AAPG’s 10,432 eligible voters cast ballots in this year’s election, with all but 53 votes being cast online

Thank you for your dedication to AAPG.

Current Issue

Desktop /Portals/0/PackFlashItemImages/WebReady/delegates-voice-logo-thumb.jpg?width=287&quality=90amp;encoder=freeimage&progressive=true 60282 Delegates Voice Issue: Delegates Voice Issue

In this issue:

  • Chairman’s Remarks
  • A Letter to the HoD Delegates
  • Reasons for Elevating AAPG’s Women’s Network to Division Status
  • Why We Oppose Elevating the Women’s Network to a Division of AAPG
  • Con Position to Women’s Network Technical Division
  • Letter From the Editor

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