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AAPG publications are widely read by geologists, geophysicists and reservoir engineers. Are they your target audience? Then take advantage of the many advertising opportunities available in AAPG’s news and journal magazines.


The EXPLORER is the monthly tabloid newspaper of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists that covers news of interest to the AAPG membership. Contents include coverage of the entire span of energy interest, with emphasis on exploration for hydrocarbons and energy minerals. Breaking news stories, features, profiles of personalities, comment columns and association information is included.

The EXPLORER is distributed to over 42,000 members and friends of the association in over 129 countries.


AAPG's world wide web connection provides discussion, news, Association lists and downloadable geologic information for the global earth science community.

This medium is a “live” interactive force in the profession that continues to change and grow to meet the needs and desires of the computer-using professional audience that is growing daily.

Designed and edited especially for those interested in the earth science, the page continues to attract the growing number of geoscientists connecting to the Internet.

Banner advertising appears on nearly every page of this website. With only nine slots available, exposure is high.

Meeting Program Books

AAPG annually hosts two organization-wide meetings plus one expo created specifically for the presentation of properties and prospects. The AAPG Annual Meeting and Exhibition is held in the United States during the spring, where members can present or learn from papers and posters, visit exhibits and earn education credits at courses and seminars offered there. Likewise, the AAPG International Conference and Exhibition, which occurs in the fall, provides the same opportunities in a non-U.S. setting.

A program featuring advertising is published for each meeting. Attendance for annual meetings ranges from 6,000 to more than 8,000. International conference attendance varies from 1,200 to more than 2,200 professionals.

2017 Explorer Editorial Calendar

January World Developments
The Next Hundred Years of Energy Resources
Technology/Services (T/S): Reservoir evaluation technologies
February Middle East Review
The Next 100 Years of Demand Growth
T/S: Geologic and Geophysical modeling
March Annual Convention
The Next 100 Years: After the Great Crew Change
T/S: Drones and automation
April Seismic Advances
The Next 100 Years of Data Management in the Oil Field
T/S: Computer Software, Data Management/Services, Seismic Interpretation
May Offshore Developments
The Next 100 Years: CAPEX in the Next Century
T/S: Geophysical interpretation
June The University Issue
The Next 100 Years of Geoscience Higher Education
T/S: Research and training
July Unconventionals
The Next 100 Years: Peak Oil in the Next Century
T/S: Enhanced Oil Recovery/Reservoir Optimization technologies
August Geophysical Review
The Next 100 Years of Basin Modeling
T/S: Basin modeling and analysis
September Geoscience Education
The Next 100 Years of Geoscience and Culture
T/S: Environmental geoscience technologies
October International Spotlight
The Next 100 Years of Energy Poverty Relief
T/S: Geologic studies and consulting
November Exploration Innovations
The Next 100 Years of Astrogeology
T/S: Commercial Space Exploration and related companies/technologies
December Downhole Geology
The Next 100 Years of Oilfield Invention
T/S: Well log analysis; Core analysis, storage, coring

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