To submit a nomination, please consider the following:

  • It should be made clear to the person being nominated that a nomination does not ensure candidacy.
  • The person making the nomination must acquire the nominee’s permission to submit his/her name and determine if he/she is willing to serve if elected, as evidenced by the nominees’ signature on the Commitment Statement for AAPG Office form which must be submitted with the nomination form. FORMS
  • The potential nominee should be informed of the level of commitment the office requires. If elected, they will have a minimum of four Executive Committee meetings to attend, some of which would coincide with the other AAPG meetings.  Historically, Executive Committee meetings have been as numerous as ten per year, plus several teleconferences.
  • Because the availability of nominees may change, it is expected that the potential candidate will inform the Chair of the Nominating Committee as soon as possible if new circumstances cause inability to stand for office.
  • Note: The AAPG Advisory Council has mandated resumes and biographies must each be two-pages (maximum) for their review.
    For letters created in support of the nominee, the first three letters received will accompany the nomination form for the Advisory Council’s review.
  • Constitution and Bylaws.

On behalf of the leadership, we thank you for your support of the Association.