Bruce A. Falkenstein Bruce A. Falkenstein President 2023-2024
Andrea Adams Reynolds Andrea Adams Reynolds Past President 2023-2024 Shell
Judy Loy Schulenberg Judy Loy Schulenberg Vice President 2023-2025 Explorer Group 1
Mohit  Khanna Mohit Khanna Treasurer 2022-2024 Jersey Oil & Gas
Steven H. Shirley Steven H. Shirley Treasurer 2023-2025 Chevron

Oluwaseun Fadipe Oluwaseun Fadipe DPA Middle East Region Councilor Council Member 2022-2025 United Arab Emirates
Sochi Chiwuike Iwuoha Sochi Iwuoha DPA Canada Region Councilor Council Member 2023-2026 Canada
Vaughn Joseph King Vaughn King DPA LACR Councilor Council Member 2023-2026 Trinidad Tobago
Gilbert Erelumhe Odior Gilbert Odior DPA Africa Region Councilor Council Member 2022-2025 USA
Paul H. Pause Paul Pause Southwest Section Council Member 2022-2025 USA


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Susan Nash
Susan Nash Director, Innovation and Emerging Science and Technology, AAPG +1 405 314 7730