The American Association of Petroleum Geologists is a respected scientific organization of professional geologists. The furtherance of the purposes of AAPG is best served by elections that are conducted in an honorable and dignified manner.

Pursuant to the authority granted by the provisions of Article IV of the Bylaws of AAPG, the Executive Committee of AAPG adopts this Officer Election Campaign Policy to assure a fair election by the candidates for AAPG offices.

Candidates for office in AAPG and the membership of AAPG shall support the principles of the policy by strict adherence to both the spirit and the letter of the policy.

A. Campaign Activities

Candidates may attend meetings that they routinely attended prior to becoming candidates, but no campaigning may take place at such meetings during the period of candidacy. In all communications with members, comments or responses may not be self-aggrandizing or derogatory to an opponent; a professional demeanor will be maintained at all times.

Organizational Memberships

During the period of candidacy, candidates will not apply for membership in or join an organization that is directly or indirectly related to or associated with AAPG without the prior written approval of the president of AAPG. Upon an adequate written request by a candidate, approval may be granted when membership in an organization is demonstrably important to a candidate's ability to practice professionally.

Other Activities

Candidates for office in AAPG and members of AAPG are not permitted to participate in or arrange for, and shall discourage non-members of AAPG from participating in or arranging for:

  • Mass mailings, letter writing campaigns or telephone campaigns on behalf of a candidate.
  • Receptions or cocktail parties for the purpose of promoting a candidate.
  • Lecture engagements that could be construed as personal promotion by or for a candidate (commitments made prior to learning of candidacy may be honored).
  • Interviews with the media with the intent to publicize or promote a candidate.
B. Notification and Acceptance

1. The chairman of the Nominating Committee, when contacting nominees to determine whether they will agree to stand for the office for which they are nominated, shall notify them of the pertinent provisions of this policy. The agreement of each nominee to abide by this policy shall be a condition of candidacy.

2. The president, upon notification by the chairman of the Nominating Committee that the slate of candidates has been filled, shall transmit to each candidate two copies of this policy. Each candidate shall immediately sign and return to the executive director one copy indicating the candidate's acceptance of and agreement to comply with the terms of this policy.

3. This policy shall be published annually in the AAPG EXPLORER, in order that the membership of the Association be informed. The AAPG headquarters staff shall maintain scrutiny of its own operations to ensure compliance with the spirit and the letter of this policy.

C. Enforcement

Charges of violations of this policy must be filed in writing with the executive director by an Active AAPG member. The executive director shall report the charge to the Executive Committee. Upon a report to the Executive Committee of a charge of a violation of the policy, the following actions shall be taken:

  • The Executive Committee will review the charge and if the Executive Committee determines that it is likely a violation has occurred, will send notice to the candidate charged, setting forth the charge and the time and place at which the candidate may personally appear before a representative appointed by the Executive Committee for a hearing on the charge. The candidate shall respond in writing within 10 days from the date the notice is sent.
  • The Executive Committee shall, within 10 days after receipt of a timely written response, if any, from the candidate charged, or within 10 days after hearing, whichever is later, render its decision as to whether a violation of this policy was committed by the candidate. Failure to make such a decision and to immediately thereafter notify the candidate charged shall be considered a finding that a violation did not occur.
  • Upon the finding of a first violation, the president shall immediately send a written admonition and warning to the candidate charged.
  • On each subsequent finding of a violation, the Executive Committee shall impose a penalty upon the candidate ranging from reprimand to disqualification as a candidate in the current election.