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The story of the industry first women to work as petroleum geologists – the challenging conditions they faced from both society and their male peers; the men who helped open doors to opportunity; and the first signs of how valuable and significant women would be to the industry.
The story continues, with women becoming more engaged in exploration and active in the industry, but also in making significant, often historic contributions to the science of geology – including a look at the beginnings of biostratigraphy and the era of micropaleontology, and the women who made it all possible.
Women continue to fight social barriers in the late 1930s and early 1940s, but closed doors were shattered when World War II created an urgent need for oil and gas. Women geologists found themselves in demand, and they responded with a patriotic commitment and professional achievement record that was crucial to the war effort.
World War II ends, the troops return to their jobs and women are encouraged … to return to their homes and families. The post-war Era of Capitalism presents women with a new society-wide attitude about gender in the workplace, and a cultural-driven challenge to being a professional petroleum geologist – or a professional anything, for that matter. But some women continued to pursue their love of geology and fight for their place in the profession – along, decade-plus effort that finally changed with passage of Affirmative Action.
A look at the career paths for women from the early days of Affirmative Action to the present, told through the eyes of those who went through the open door to find acceptance – and much success – as a professional petroleum geologist. An accounting of historic accomplishments for women from the 1980s to today, plus personal views of what it’s like to work in the industry, from the wellsite to the board room – and some personal words about the current and future state of affairs for women in the profession.
PROWESS Profiles is a series of videos featuring women geoscientists. In this first video Sarah Fuller, a geologist with EP Energy in Houston, tells us about her background, how she decided on a career in the oil and gas industry, describes her career path, what she looks for in a mentor and how we can encourage women in the geoscience professions.
See the latest PROWESS Profiles video featuring Meredith Faber, a geologist with Noble Energy, talking about career, mentors, networking and more. AAPG PROWESS is a special interest group supporting women in geoscience and the energy industry.
Meet Libby Ingram Storer, a geophysicist with Shell Exploration and Production Co. In PROWESS Profiles, Libby discusses how PROWESS provided her with networking and creative opportunities. She also offers some great tips on preparing for a career in the geosciences. 

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What is your definition of a “woman in geology”? Where does she work? How old is she? What is her specialty? Most importantly, are you one of these women?  If so, join AAPG’s Professional Women in the Earth Sciences (PROWESS), AWG and the SEG Women’s Network on Saturday, April 1, 2017, in Houston!   On AAPG’s 100-year anniversary, we're celebrating how far women geoscientists have come and making connections for a better future! Watch a special documentary presentation on the Pioneering Women of Petroleum Geology, participate in our costume contest, “What Does a Woman Geoscientist Look Like?” and network with our global community. We can't wait to see you there!   Learn more about this event through our video or at the AAPG ACE Web page (http://ace.aapg.org/2017/networking-and-events/100th-anniversary-events).

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