DEG Invited Speakers and Planned Technical Sessions, ACE 2019 Meeting

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

DEG looks forward to the ACE 2019 meeting with planned technical sessions that include carbon capture and sequestration, induced seismicity and produced water management, and general environmental presentations.

Eirik Wærness
Eirik Wærness
The joint DEG/EMD luncheon will be held Wednesday, May 22, featuring our guest speaker Eirik Wærness, senior vice president of Macroeconomics and Market Analysis, chief economist and head of strategy in Mid- and Downstream at Equinor, one of the world's largest oil and gas companies. He has broad experience from government, academics and private sector companies in different leadership positions and as an advisor. Since 2014 he has served different energy initiatives under the World Economic Forum, including special advisor on energy architecture and as a member of the global council on the future of energy.

He also is a member of IRENA’s (International Renewable Energy Agency) Global Commission to examine Geopolitics of Energy Transformation and recently was featured in Forbes Magazine and Bloomberg News.

Iain Stewart
Iain Stewart
Wærness is a dynamic and well-known speaker on topics including implications of short and long-term energy demands, scenarios of future energy transformation, the role of carbon pricing and carbon capture and storage and the growth of renewables.

On Tuesday afternoon, May 21, our DEG Special Session will feature Iain Stewart, professor of Geoscience Communication at the University of Plymouth, UK, and director of its Sustainable Earth Institute. His academic interests are in applying Earth science to pressing societal concerns – climate change, geo-resources, geo-energy, disaster risk reduction – leading to his designation as UNESCO chair in Geoscience and Society.

His geo-communication expertise builds on a 15-year partnership with BBC Science, making popular mainstream television documentaries about planet Earth and tackling geoscientific issues, such as climate change (2008’s Earth: The Climate Wars), energy (in 2013’s Fracking – the New Energy Rush, and Planet Oil in 2015). This “popular geoscience” has led to novel research in how to effectively convey complex and contested Earth science to non-technical (public) audiences. His talk is “Communicating Contested Geoscience to the Public: ‘Matters of Fact' vs 'Matters of Concern,'” addressing how geoscientists need new communication strategies to engage dissonant publics.

See you in San Antonio for the ACE 2019 meeting!

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