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AAPG Honors and Awards

It is a characteristic of professional scientists that they take great pride in their achievements. Although recognition of an individual’s accomplishments may take many forms, to be honored by one’s peers may be the most satisfying of all.

The Honors and Awards program of AAPG provides a means for recognizing outstanding achievements and contributions by professional geologists, especially in the area of exploration for petroleum and energy mineral resources, and by other professionals who further the goals and objectives of our science, our profession, and our Association. The motivation toward scientific and professional achievement which such recognition stimulates is much to be desired.

The continued success of this program is dependent on the identification of those worthy of recognition. As the Association has grown, so have the number of awards and the purposes for which they are given. It is no longer possible for one small central committee to identify all those who should be considered. This is particularly true in the case of awards that are given in recognition of accomplishments that may not be widely known, or are not restricted to Association members -- such as Grover E. Murray Distinguished Educator Award and Geosciences in the Media Award. It is necessary that the assistance of the Affiliated Societies, Sections, Divisions, and Associated Societies be enlisted. It is for this reason that the details of the Association’s Honors and Awards is provided on these web pages. On these pages you will find, descriptions of the purposes of the awards as well as their requirements and the manner in which various organizations and individuals can, and should, identify and nominate (with appropriate documentation) those they feel deserve recognition.

To accomplish these objectives, it may be advisable for Affiliated Societies, Sections, Divisions, and Associated Societies to organize, by committees or other means, a monitoring of those activities for which awards should be considered, especially for the Michel T. Halbouty Outstanding Leadership, Geosciences in the Media, and Public Service awards. Here you will also find a listing of past awardees, or you may review the Annual Report in the December issue of the each BULLETIN. Nominations by individuals will be considered but obviously those by organizations carry the most weight, especially when supplemented by individual support.

The selection process for AAPG’s Honors and Awards begins at the first of each year. Awards are then presented at the annual meeting the following year. The AAPG Honors and Awards Committee, a committee within the Advisory Council, is responsible for recommending individuals for awards for consideration of the Advisory Council for forwarding to the Executive Committee for their consideration and approval.

During the past few years the committee has endeavored to improve representation within this diverse Association by expanding the list of persons encouraged to submit nominations. Nominations can be tendered by any member of the Association.

The selection of awardees is an extremely significant aspect of AAPG activities because it allows the Association to express its gratitude to its members and recognize the values and standards that should be encouraged in our membership.

Background and other details are available on the subsequent pages. With each award is an online nomination form that submits to the AAPG administrative offices. If you prefer to use PDFs those are provided as well.

Download the Honors and Awards Booklet and utilize the Nomination Forms provided with each honors or awards detail. Nominators are encouraged to make a concerted effort to address the information requested on the forms including the nominees' merits.

Nominations are submitted to Linda Burris at AAPG. Here is her contact information for your convenience:

AAPG Nominations, c/o Jenifer Gilbert, P.O. Box 979, Tulsa, OK 74101-0979 or electronically to Jenifer Gilbert in the recommended format.

Proper documentation must be provided in order for the Advisory Council to consider your recommendations. Nominations received without sufficient documentation simply are not as persuasive as those that are well prepared and documented. The nominees that you feel deserve consideration for the award certainly deserve your best efforts to illustrate why they should be considered for the award. Nominations received after the deadline will be considered the following year. The Awards Committee considers nominees for three years after the initial submission.

The Honors and Awards Committee seeks nominations for the following awards:

Award Description Select a Form
Sidney Powers Memorial Award PDF DOC Online
Michel T. Halbouty Outstanding Leadership Award PDF DOC Online
Honorary Membership Award PDF DOC Online
Norman H. Foster Outstanding Explorer Award PDF DOC Online
Robert R. Berg Outstanding Research Award PDF DOC Online
Distinguished Service Award PDF DOC Online
Grover E. Murray Memorial Distinguished Educator Award PDF DOC Online
Harrison Schmitt Award PDF DOC Online
Public Service Award PDF DOC Online
Pioneer Award PDF DOC Online
Geosciences in the Media Awards PDF DOC Online


A copy of the nominee’s activity sheet is available upon request from Linda Burris, (918) 560-2608 or by fax (918) 560-2626.

The Executive Committee, acting on a recommendation from the Advisory Council, requests that nominees not be notified and that this information be kept confidential until all selections have been made and approved by the Executive Committee.