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The moment Leslie B. Magoon was told he had won the 2021 Sidney Powers Memorial Award, he was speechless. Presently a senior research geologist with the United States Geological Survey, Magoon simply never considered himself in the running for such a high honor.

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)
Desktop /Portals/0/PackFlashItemImages/WebReady/The-Importance-of-Being-Gradual-hero.jpg?width=100&h=100&mode=crop&anchor=middlecenter&quality=75amp;encoder=freeimage&progressive=true Leslie B. Magoon: Sidney Powers Memorial Award The Importance of Being Gradual

For the past 20 years, the International Pavilion has been a standard fixture in AAPG’s annual convention and flagship international conferences. Visitors to the IP expect to see maps and flags and hear a variety of languages spoken in the area dedicated to connecting countries with hydrocarbon and mineral resources with companies seeking to explore and produce them. At the 2021 AAPG/Society of Exploration Geophysicists’ International Meeting for Applied Geoscience and Energy taking place in Denver this month, the traditional rows of white exhibitor stands will be replaced by a 60-square-meter IP Theatre showcasing energy opportunities around the world.

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Desktop /Portals/0/PackFlashItemImages/WebReady/All-the-Worlds-a-Stage-hero.jpg?width=100&h=100&mode=crop&anchor=middlecenter&quality=75amp;encoder=freeimage&progressive=true AAPG’S International Pavilion offers new IP Theatre All the World’s a Stage

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