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For almost two decades, the AAPG Publication Pipeline Committee has helped preserve and spread educational materials to all corners of the globe. The effort began at the University of Houston when a visiting professor from Nigeria mentioned that universities in Africa were in dire need of technical journals and publications. Since then, the PPC has made 67 shipments – 215 tons – of publications to more than 80 universities around the world.

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Seismic attributes help enhance the subtle subsurface geologic detail that might be difficult and time consuming to decipher from 3-D seismic amplitude data. Beginning with the simple computation of envelope, phase and frequency attributes in the 1970s, several dozen seismic attributes are generated these days containing disparate types of information. To bring together all this information and produce an accurate subsurface model, the multiple attributes need to be carefully visualized and displayed, and thus has become an important interpretation tool for seismic interpreters.

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