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Meeting Services

Subject to schedule approval, AAPG can provide comprehensive meeting services for Section events hosted in the contiguous United States for a flat fee of $30,000 plus reimbursable out-of-pocket expenses at cost. For Section or Region meetings hosted outside the contiguous United States, please .

Should a particular meeting need specific services only, menu services are available, subject to schedule approval and summarized as follows:

Online abstract management $3,500
Exhibition Management $10,000
Meeting management
(venue management, contracts, catering, publications, etc.)

Registration services will be handled via outsourcing, with AAPG offering needs assessment and counsel. AAPG will offer direct registration services in the future.

In addition, AAPG is pleased to offer staff time in consultation regarding Sectional and Regional conferences. Within reasonable limits and subject to schedule conflicts, there is no charge for this evaluation except for direct travel expenses in the event onsite analysis is required.

If you need further information, or wish to discuss these services in more detail, please Alan Wegener at +1 918 560 9401.