• Papers submitted to the BULLETIN must not have been published or simultaneously submitted elsewhere.
  • Papers submitted to the BULLETIN should not, for the most part, contain previously reported material. We use iThenticate for all submissions. The overlap of contents between related papers should be kept to a minimum and normally should be confined to introductory/review sections.
  • Authors should provide information and preprints on closely related papers that are not yet in the public domain. If deemed necessary to the review process, these related papers will be copied to reviewers.
  • One author will act as the corresponding author for multi-authored manuscripts. All authors involved in the work approved the paper and agreed to its submission. All authors must verify their information and involvement when the paper is submitted (an email is sent through the Editorial Manager system).
  • Papers are reviewed for technical merit, quality of scientific content, and utility of the results for practicing geologists. Two or more referees review Articles, E&P Notes, Geologic Notes, and Geohorizons papers; Discussions and Replies are reviewed by an assigned Associate Editor and possibly by one or more referee.
  • Reviewers are asked to treat papers as confidential material.
  • The AAPG Editor's judgment with respect to suitability for publication is final.
  • AAPG is responsible for page layout and figure sizing for all accepted papers.
  • Authors are responsible for reading and correcting galley proofs of their papers. Proof corrections are normally restricted to typesetting and printing errors. No content changes are allowed at galley proof stage.
  • For all papers accepted for publication, the journal shall assess AAPG member author(s) mandatory page charges of $75 for the 10th and each subsequent typeset page. The mandatory charge for excess pages shall be $100 per page for nonmember authors. Authors will be asked to pay voluntary charges of $50 per page for the first 9 pages. (Pricing subject to change.)

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