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Donald F. Towse Memorial Grant in Aid

Funded by Donald and Marjorie Towse of San Jose, California through the AAPG Foundation Grant-in-Aid Program, this grant is given to students studying geology related to the occurrence and production of earth materials, except conventional oil and gas, capable of being used in energy production, and including remote sensing. Dr. Towse was President of AAPG's Energy Mineral Division in 1989-1990.


2012 Rachel Frohman - University of Alaska at Fairbanks
2011 Joseph Batir - Southern Methodist University
2010 Elliot Jagniecki - Binghamton University
2009 Phillip Labrecque - University of Calgary
2008 Renee Vardy - Wichita State University
2007 Dariusz Strapoc - Indiana University
2006 Sarah Mardon – University of Kentucky (Abstract)
2005 Gareth Chalmers – University of British Columbia (Abstract)
2004 Jennifer Cooper – University of Missouri, Columbia (Abstract)
2003 Krista Morisen - Miami University, Ohio (Abstract - PDF)
2002 Dwayne Giggs – University of Alberta (Abstract - PDF)
2001 Jesse Korus – Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
2000 Todd Dallegge – University of Alaska, Fairbanks
1999 Raphael Wüst – University of British Columbia
1998 Kenneth Carroll – Ohio University
1997 Qiang Xu – Chengdu Institute of Technology
1996 Ian Cloke, University of London

Grant Application Process

Grant applications are distributed worldwide to all universities known to offer graduate studies in the geosciences. Applications are available on the Internet. Applications to be considered are due annually by January 31.

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