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New technology, new science, new possibilities – all in a new location. There’s a lot that’s new waiting to be introduced at this year’s Arctic Technology Conference (ATC), a multidisciplinary meeting that offers the latest in Arctic exploration, development and production.

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Times may be tough for seismic companies, but not all companies are waiting for the current storm to pass. Spectrum ASA recently moved to gain a greater global footprint by purchasing Fugro’s 2-D seismic library – a move Spectrum CEO Rune Eng called a “game changer” for the multi-client seismic imaging company.
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When revealing the traits that make an explorer successful, Hans Christen Rønnevik, recipient of this year’s Norman H. Foster Outstanding Explorer Award, said it is not necessarily a detailed eye that finds oil and gas.
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Oil spills get a lot of media attention, but the best stories are about the disasters that didn’t happen.
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Exploration and production in the Arctic is a proven difficult task – companies active there are all too familiar with its harsh conditions of ice, extreme low temperatures, long periods of winter darkness and remoteness. Consequently, providing safety to workers has become a major concern for companies braving this harsh territory.

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In a paper to be presented at the upcoming Arctic Technology Conference, Fugro remote sensing manager Todd Mitchell discusses ways to better characterize the sensitive areas of the remote Arctic to help prepare for better disaster responses.

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Newfoundland-based GRI Simulations has logged innumerable hours working on its Virtual Arctic Simulation Environment to enable scientists to evaluate the perilous area from the comfort of their offices.

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Innumerable geoscientists worldwide are familiar with the AAPG Giant Oil Fields publications. These AAPG members are spearheading the effort to compile “Giant Oil and Gas Fields of the Decade 2000-2010” featuring papers covering fields in areas around the globe.

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Some highlights from international activity in 2014.

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Commercial interest in the Arctic has grown with declines in summer sea ice cover – since 2007 the extent of Arctic sea ice has been significantly less than it was in the decade after satellite measurements started in 1978.

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