The Action Alerts give instructions on how to submit comments quickly, electronically. Alerts are emailed about six times a year. Past Action Alerts have included Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed rules to limit greenhouse gas emissions, Bureau of Land Management (BLM) proposed rules for hydraulic fracturing, and Keystone XL pipeline environmental impact assessment.

Current Action Alerts

Action Alert Emails

Occasionally, the AAPG DPA Governmental Affairs Committee (GAC) will be sending email AAPG GAC Action Alerts. An action alert will inform you about a current Executive Branch and/or Congressional issue that will potentially affect the oil and gas industry.

The Director of the AAPG Office of Geoscience and Energy Policy in Washington, DC, will identify the necessity for alerts, and he will work with the Chairperson of the GAC to issue the alert. The alert will be a short e-mail that will highlight the issue and direct you to this Web site. Each alert will consist of background, a suggested response, support information, and the place to submit your comments.

You are welcome to comment on the issues in the way that suits you, if you want to comment at all. Of course, you are under no obligation to do anything, but the GAC encourages you to provide your comments whenever you can. This will support the GEO-DC's liaison work in Washington, DC and through this effort AAPG's reputation as a credible provider of pertinent geologically-based information will grow and become more valuable to those who are shaping our Nation's polices and laws. Won't you please help?

The action alerts are now being issued directly from AAPG in Tulsa. Send an email to

Thank you,

AAPG DPA Governmental Affairs Committee

Energy Policy Office

Office Contacts

David Curtiss Executive Director +1 918 560 2639