The Advisory Council serves in an advisory capacity to the Executive Committee. They report on matters involving ethics and discipline, long-range planning, constitutional review, nominations for officers and honors and awards and other special projects as requested by the Executive Committee.

Members of this committee serve three years and include the immediate past-president and two former presidents, the immediate past chairman of the House of Delegates, elected members from the AAPG's U.S. Sections and International Regions, officers of each Division. For complete details about the Advisory Council you need to read AAPG's Constitution and Bylaws.

Steven Maurice Goolsby Steven Goolsby 1st Past President Chair 2023-2024
Gretchen M. Gillis Gretchen Gillis 2nd Past President Advisory Councilor 2023-2025
Richard Dale Fritz Richard Fritz 3rd Past President Advisory Councilor 2022-2024
Bruce A. Falkenstein Bruce Falkenstein DPA President 23-24 Advisory Councilor 2023-2024
Franciszek J. Hasiuk Franciszek Hasiuk EMD President 23-24 Advisory Councilor 2023-2024
Herbert A. Vogler, III Herbert Vogler DEG President 23-24 Advisory Councilor 2023-2024
Justin Vandenbrink Justin Vandenbrink Immediate Past Chair HoD Advisory Councilor 2023-2024
Dan A. Billman Dan Billman Eastern Section Advisory Councilor 2019-2025
Travis Adam Helms Travis Helms Gulf Coast Advisory Councilor 2022-2024
Martin L. Shields Martin Shields Gulf Coast Advisory Councilor 2023-2026
Daniel Evan Schwartz Daniel Schwartz Pacific Section Advisory Councilor 2021-2024
Laura Ann Mauro Johnson Laura Johnson Rocky Mountain Advisory Councilor 2021-2024
Margo J. Liss Margo Liss Southwest Advisory Councilor 2023-2026
Adedoja Rosamund Ojelabi Adedoja Ojelabi Africa Region Advisory Councilor 2023-2026
Peter Desmond Grant Peter Grant Asia Pacific Advisory Councilor 2023-2026
Natasha MacAdam Natasha MacAdam Canada Region Advisory Councilor 2023-2026
Per Bach Per Bach Advisory Councilor 2021-2024
Jhonny Edgar Casas Jhonny Casas LACR Advisory Councilor 2023-2026
David Curtiss David Curtiss Executive Director; Staff Liaison 2016-2099
Vicki L. Beighle Vicki Beighle Staff Liaison 2016-2099
Lee Krystinik, PhD Lee Krystinik Mid-Continent Advisory Councilor 2023-2026

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