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Advisory Council

The Advisory Council serves in an advisory capacity to the Executive Committee. They report on matters involving ethics and discipline, long-range planning, constitutional review, nominations for officers and honors and awards and other special projects as requested by the Executive Committee.

Members of this committee serve three years and include the immediate past-president and two former presidents, the immediate past chairman of the House of Delegates, elected members from the AAPG's U.S. Sections and International Regions, officers of each Division. For complete details about the Advisory Council you need to read AAPG's Constitution and Bylaws.

Lee F. Lee F. Krystinik Immediate Past President, Chair +1 (817) 907-8269
Larry Larry Wickstrom Immediate Past Chair, House of Delegates +1 614 301 6721
Edward A. (Ted) Edward A. (Ted) Beaumont AAPG Past President +1 (918) 295 1837
Paul Paul Weimer, PhD AAPG Past President +1 (303) 492-3809
Jeffrey Paine President, DEG
Frances Frances Hein President, EMD
Richard Richard Fritz President, DPA


Pete Pete MacKenzie Eastern Section +1 (740) 587-0444
Martha Lou Martha Lou Broussard Gulf Coast Section +1 (713) 348-4492
Robert Cowdery Mid-Continent Section +1 (316) 267-9030
William M. William M. Whiting Gulf Coast Section +1 (504) 947-8495
Jon R. Jon R. Schwalbach Pacific Section +1 (805) 648-8518
John W. John W. Robinson Rocky Mountain Section +1 (303) 204-7476
Debra P. Osborne Southwest Section +1 (432) 425-8406
Paul J. English Canada Region +1 (403) 699-5374
Nosa Nosa Omorodion Africa Region +234.8059.016.243
Andrea Andrea Moscariello Europe Region +41.22.379.6610
Peter Peter Grant Director