Goals and Objectives
  • EDUCATE the membership of AAPG and the general public about important issues that affect petroleum energy minerals exploration and production.
  • COMMUNICATE to the general public and government agencies the Association's commitment to protect the environment while developing the world's natural resources in a responsible manner.
  • SUPPORT and encourage research into the effects of petroleum/energy minerals exploration and production on the environment, and make available to concerned agencies, companies, and individuals the results of these studies and recommendations.
  • APPLY the expertise developed in the petroleum/energy minerals industries and hydrogeology to resolve environmental problems.
  • PROMOTE environmental stewardship within the petroleum/energy minerals industries.
  • ESTABLISH a liaison between and among AAPG and other professional societies for the purposes of constructive dialogue and defining mutually obtainable goals.
  • PROVIDE relevant educational opportunities and services for professional development of the AAPG membership through seminars and conferences in environmental geosciences, hydrogeology, and related fields.

Headquarters Contacts

Diane Keim
Diane Keim Administrative Coordinator, AAPG +1 918 560-2644