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ICE London will deliver a multidisciplinary technical program featuring unmatched global, regional and local expertise, innovations and connections. Whether you're looking for new market breakthroughs or face-time with leading geoscience professionals, you can't afford to miss ICE 2017.

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A limited number of scholarships for ACE 2017 registration are now available to displaced geoscientists and energy professionals. Eligible applicants will pay just 50% of the standard rate for the full convention, including all technical sessions, networking events and the exhibition. Find out more!

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We are less that 20 days away from ACE 2017 but there is still time to reserve your spots for Field Trips and Short Courses. Several of the trips and courses are on the verge of selling out — don't waste any time, book now!

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Give your brand maximum exposure to a target audience of qualified geoscientists and engineers connecting on all things unconventional. Grab your sponsorships for the industry's premier science-based conference and marketplace for unconventional exploration, drilling, and production technologies.

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For the first time AAPG will be hosting two free public events at the ACE 2017 meeting, 4-5 April. These two sessions will focus on the future of energy and its place in a lower carbon world. Our extraordinary array of speakers cover a wide range of expertise and will give you insight into what’s coming next. We not only hope you attend; we ask that you spread the message to friends and colleagues. This will be an engaging, thought provoking series.

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Don't allow your company to miss the industry's premier science-based conference and marketplace for unconventional exploration, drilling, and production technologies. Secure your exhibit space and be a part of the most vibrant and vital integrated science and technology event for unconventional play development.

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Register now for ACE 2017 and experience a remarkable week of science, networking, activities and commemorations celebrating a century of the world’s best geosciences.

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Secure your sponsorships now for ACE 2017 and choose the mix of items, events and activities that align with the specific marketing goals of your business.

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ACE is one of the world’s premier geoscience events that is completely created and hosted by geoscientists for geoscientists; therefore, your company’s support translates into a valuable return on investment for our shared industry success. We invite you to book your exhibit space today and share this milestone with us.

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Don't miss the chance to show your company's support for the petroleum geosciences community while aligning your brand with 100 years of scientific excellence. Secure your sponsorships today!

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