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House of Delegates (HoD)

Voting for HoD Officer Candidates

Officer candidates for the 2017-18 House of Delegates leadership team have been determined by our Nomination and Election Committee. The election will be held at AAPG's annual meeting April 2 in Houston. As you know, the chair-elect will serve as HoD chair in 2018-19. Biographies and statements are available now.

The House of Delegates of the AAPG is made up of delegates from affiliated societies and international regions throughout the world. They are selected by popular vote from within their respective areas and serve a three year term. Alternates are often selected in the event that an elected delegate is unable to perform the duties to which they have been elected. In turn these delegates elect a Chairman-Elect and a Secretary/Editor who serve for one year. The Chairman-Elect serves as Chairman the next year and as a member of the AAPG Executive Committee.

Duties of the delegates include:

  • Being familiar with the Association's Constitution and Bylaws;
  • Being acquainted with the Association's current policies and programs;
  • Informing the leaders of their society or region regarding the Association's program of activities, especially as it relates to cooperative participation and service;
  • Processing requests from the Executive Committee for information regarding eligibility of applicants for membership in the Association;
  • Serving as local Certification committeemen by processing requests from the Board of Certification for information regarding applicants for Certification by the Association;
  • Actively soliciting applications from eligible geologists for membership in this Association. 

Who is my delegate?

Current Issue

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In this issue:

  • Lights Ahead: Is it Blue Skies or Oncoming Traffic?
  • Be Consistent
  • At Least 365 New Chances for New Discoveries!
  • Best Practices – A Key to Sustaining AAPG’s Membership
  • Growing AAPG From the Ground Up
  • A Time to Choose: Which Provision is Preferred?
  • Rules and Procedures Committee Report
  • Membership Committee Report
  • Mid-Continent Section Student Expo
  • Winter 2017 Mid-Continent Section Newsletter
  • Candidate Profile - Bill Houston
  • Candidate Profile - Steve Goolsby
  • Candidate Profile - Cheryl Desforges
  • Candidate Profile - Justin Vandenbrink


Delegates Handbook

This Handbook includes guidance and reference to source documents such as the Constitution and Bylaws, so Delegates can relate to the source of their duties, authority granted by the Bylaws and formal “rules” of the Association. It particularly lists the actual responsibilities Delegates have per the Bylaws, which may be more extensive than many realize!

We hope you find this Handbook useful and a valuable resource in helping you fulfill your delegate responsibilities. Thank your for your willingness to serve in this capacity and for your continuous support of AAPG

David Dolph
Chair, AAPG House of Delegates

Rules and Procedures

The Rules and Procedures of the House of Delegates shall serve as a guide to the House Officers and Delegates in their conduct of the legislative affairs of the Association.

HoD Discussion Area

This is a private discussion area that requires a log in. If you need assistance logging in please use the Help page or send an email to our Web Technical Support group.

Who is my delegate?

Access a directory of delegates grouped according to the local societies they represent.

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