The following candidates have submitted certification applications by the Division of Professional Affairs. This does not constitute election, but places the names before the membership at large. Any information bearing on the qualifications of these candidates should be sent promptly to the Executive Committee, P.O. Box 979, Tulsa, Okla. 74101.

Name Company City State or Country Sponsors Certification Publish Date
Cerezo-Ortega, Inty Ryder Scott HOUSTON TX CPG 11/17/2023
Decesari, Robert Ryder Scott Petroleum Consultants The Woodlands TX CPG 11/30/2023
Al-Mufti, Torhan Iraqi parliament Baghdad CPG 11/26/2023
Berlin, Taylor MAP Energy, LLC Oklahoma City OK CPG 11/07/2023
Nwaobi, Onyinye NNPC Abuja CPG 11/17/2023
Ryan, Conor Petronas Ashbourne CPG 11/13/2023
Light, Walter Thunder Exploration, Inc. Houston TX CPG 11/17/2023
Pettinelli, Roberto TotalEnergies Houston TX CPG 11/29/2023
Dirkzwager, Jozina Chevron Houston TX CPG 12/04/2023
Summer, Donna testaapg Tulsa OK CPG 10/25/2023
Turko, Molly Devon Energy Luther OK CPG 11/20/2023
Ahmad, Shakeel Oil & Gas Development Company Limited. Islamabad CPG 11/27/2023
Cerezo, Gibran Halliburton do Brazil Ltd. Rio de Janeiro CPG 11/16/2023
Khan, Asad Doha Technical Laboratory Wakra CPG 11/18/2023
Aluka, Maduegboaka Prairie View A&M University, Prairie View Texas Katy TX CPG 11/29/2023
Brown, Robert A&C Ventures Sonoma CA CPG 11/05/2023
Vogler, Herbert Kleinfelder, Inc. Huntington Beach CA CPG 11/21/2023
Ramirez, Victor independent Bogota CPG 11/20/2023
KunleDare, Mojisola Herndon VA CPG 11/08/2023
Stevanovic, Vanja Lansdale PA CPG 11/17/2023
Comegys, Scott SGC Energy Consulting LLC Shreveport LA Marty Hewitt, Mark Dunham, Alan Brittain CPG 11/28/2023
Roy, Sandip Kumar independent BARODA CPG 11/17/2023
Ahmed, Shabeer Oil and Gas Development Company Limited Islamabad GEOPH 11/18/2023
Habib, Waqas Oil and Gas Development Company Limited Rawalpindi GEOPH 11/20/2023
Subhani, Muhammad Asim Prime Pakistan Limited Karachi GEOPH 11/02/2023

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