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The following candidates have submitted certification applications by the Division of Professional Affairs. This does not constitute election, but places the names before the membership at large. Any information bearing on the qualifications of these candidates should be sent promptly to the Executive Committee, P.O. Box 979, Tulsa, Okla. 74101.

Name Company City State or Country Sponsors Certification Publish Date
Ameerali, Ronnie Shell Oil Company Houston TX GSL Reciprocity CPG 11/21/2019
Cook, Jonathan Premier Oil New Malden GSL Reciprocity CPG 11/19/2019
Glass, Cecil Glass Energy Corporation Plano TX T. Armstrong; R. Williams; V. Schulz CPG 11/21/2019
Williams, Robert William M. Cobb & Assoc. Dallas TX C. Glass; M R Smith; R. Sarg CPG 11/20/2019
Grimaldi, Gabriel Chevron Houston TX B. Katz, N. Kuhle, E. Aconcha CPG 10/30/2019
Moskvina, Olga DeGolyer and MacNaughton Dallas TX T. Scott, T. Pignone, R. Johnston CPG 10/30/2019

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