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Energy minerals have always been lurking in the background, silently supporting societal progress without the usual spectacle accompanied by paradigm-shifting discoveries. Looking back at decades’ worth of AAPG EXPLORER issues, many of the cover stories lay bare the gradual exposure of energy minerals into the light. Energy minerals continue to play a supporting role in most technologies, and as these become more prevalent, it is my hope that we don’t lose sight of how and where these energy minerals are being sourced.

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I attended Pete Rose’s memorial service in Austin, Texas. There, along with his family, friends and several AAPG past presidents and other leaders, we remembered a man who had a significant influence on many and left a legacy to our industry. As we filed to our seats in the sanctuary, we each received a small pamphlet of Rose’s Rules – maxims that Pete compiled and that were meaningful to him – and No. 78 stood out to me.

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)
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