SEG-AAPG Best Paper in Interpretation Journal Award

The SEG/AAPG Best Paper in Interpretation Journal Award is to honor and award the author(s) of the best paper in the Journal Interpretation.



Geert de Bruin


Eleine M. Vence


Kyle Robert Reuber


Fenglin Gao

Yan Song

Zhuo Li

Zhenxue Jiang

Zhiye Gao

xinxin zhang

Lei Chen

Qingxin Liu


Rui Zhang

Sergey Fomel


Otuka Umahi

Krzysztof Mikolaj Wojcik

Irene Silvina Espejo


Kurt J. Marfurt, PhD

Roderick Perez Altamar


Dave Hale

Richard Hughes Groshong, Jr., PhD

Ira David Hale


Bruce S. Hart, PhD

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The author(s) need not be a Member of the Association.

Guidelines for Consideration of Candidates

The voting will combine input from the SEG and AAPG membership at large, reviewers, and the editors of the journal. Criteria for the Best Paper in Interpretation would include the attributes of originality, innovation, potential impact, clarity, educational value, and overall significance to the practice of geoscience interpretation.

Procedure for Recommendation

Following publication of the November issue each year, the SEG and AAPG memberships will be encouraged to submit best- paper nominations from Interpretation issues of the year. The Editor-in-Chief, Deputy Editor, Associate Editors, guest editors and reviewers will be asked to submit nominations during the normal course of review. Nominations received by 15 January from the SEG and AAPG membership and all editors and reviewers will be entered into the final voting. In the final voting, the Editor-in-Chief, the Deputy Editor, and current Associate Editors will vote for their choice of the top five papers. Voting points will be tallied and the editors will affirm their selection. This recommendation will be forwarded to the SEG Honors and Awards Committee and the AAPG Advisory Council for final approval.

Description of Award

The recipient will be given two engraved plaques, one by AAPG and another by SEG and presented at the AAPG and SEG meetings. The plaques will not be identical. Co-authors will be mailed a certificate and will not be invited to accept their certificate at the annual meeting.


The award was approved by the AAPG Executive Committee on May 18, 2013.


The award will be funded as part of the joint journals annual expense with no cash award.

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