Proposed Revised Bylaws – 2024

Below are videos and documents related to the proposed revised bylaws.

Current Draft of Proposed Bylaws & Transition Plan as of 04/03/2024 (Updated to correct typographical errors)

Redline Comparison of Draft for Publication v.4 against Draft Published on 03/26/2024

Draft of Proposed Bylaws & Transition Plan published as of 03/26/2024

Redline Comparison of Draft of Proposed Bylaws & Transition Plan as of 02/13/2024 vs. 03/26/2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Download FAQ PDF here (Updated 04/16/2024)

Infographics & Slides Illustrating Proposed Structure & Process
Informational Videos

Note: Earlier Drafts for Discussion. No longer current

  • HoD Forum – February 15 & February 16
    • Includes an overview of AAPG’s financial condition, the paradigm shifts that are needed for AAPG, the process for developing the proposed bylaw, and the process and timeline for a vote.Presenters: Executive Director David Curtiss; HoD Chair, Robert Archer; C&BL Chair, Dan Billman; Parliamentarian, Sarah E. Merkle
    • The presentation portion is substantially identical in both videos. The questions from delegates start at [time stamp] in the February 15 video, and at [time stamp] in the February 16 video.
February 16 – Session #2

February 15 – Session #1

GC Section Bylaws meeting
  • February 28, 2024

Bylaws review and straw polls
  • March 15, 2024

President Claudia Hackbarth’s Explanation of the Proposed Structure

AAPG Leadership Joint Info Sharing Session – January 8 

  • AAPG President Claudia Hackbarth presents an overview of the Reimagine AAPG process and explanation of the proposed structure 

Password: Reimagine_AAPG

Leadership Pages

Headquarters Contacts

Vicki L. Beighle
Vicki Beighle Adminstrative Team Lead, AAPG +1 918 560 2615