AAPG Distinguished Lecturers travel all over the world but are only available during specific timeframes. The list below contains the lecturer's name linked to introductory information followed by the tour dates and the area of the world in which their tour will take place. The title of their abstracts are included but not linked. However, once you click on any of the linked information, abstracts for their titles are found in the sidebar of each introduction to your lecturer and tour details.

Distinguished Lecture Tours

Stephen H. Begg

Roy M. Huffington Distinguished Lecturer

    • "Gas Hydrate Petroleum System Analysis in Marine and Arctic Permafrost Environments"
    • "Arctic and Marine Gas Hydrate Production Testing — Lessons Learned"
    • "Integrated Seismic and Well Log Analysis of Gas Hydrate Prospects"
    • "Indian National Gas Hydrate Program Expedition 02 Technical Contributions"
Thomas L. Dunn

J. Ben Carsey Distinguished Lecturer

    • The Value of Looking at Rocks in the Era of Advanced Instrumentation & Computer Modeling
    • The Impact of Rock Typing & Sandstone Petrology in Exploration & Production
Per Kent Pedersen

Allan P. Bennison Distinguished Lecturer

Peter R. Rose

AAPG Ethics Lecturer

Paul D. Wagner

Shell Distinguished Lecturer

    • “Carbonate vs. Clastic Reservoir Evaluations — Why So Different?”
    • “Predicting Patterns of Hydrocarbon Production Rates in Carbonate Fields — Deconvolving Flow-Modifying Effects of Depositional, Diagenetic and Structuring Processes”


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