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AAPG Special Publication Proposals

AAPG Memoirs must be proposed to the AAPG Books Editorial Board via a Proposal Application.

In addition to answering the Application questions below, potential Memoir compilation editors should provide information about:

  • Timeliness of the Topic
  • How the content of the Memoir will advance understanding of an aspect of petroleum geology and/or other aspects of conventional or unconventional energy sources, the energy industry in general, or environmental issues regarding the energy industry
AAPG Memoir Proposal Application Questions
  • Tentative title
  • Names, affiliations, e-mails of all compilation editors
  • Tentative titles for all chapters
  • Names, affiliations, e-mails of each chapter’s corresponding author
  • List of potential reviewers, affiliations, e-mails (at least two per chapter) outside of the book’s author group
  • Estimated number of pages (text, references, captions, tables, figures, etc.) for each chapter, bearing in mind that all Memoirs over 250 total printed pages have associated funding requirements
  • Description of target audience for the book
  • Competing books, if any

All information should be submitted for AAPG Books Editorial Board and Elected Editor review via e-mail, with either all information contained in the e-mail itself or as a DOCX file attached to the e-mail.

E-mails can be sent to for processing.

Submitting a Publication

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