Jules Braunstein Memorial Award

The Jules Braunstein Memorial Award is given each year at the annual convention of the Association in recognition of the best poster session paper presented the previous year at the annual convention.



Patrick Sullivan


Thomas J. Lapen

Michael Fonseca

Lori Hathon


Jacob Aaron Covault

Zoltan Sylvester

Michael R. Hudec

Ceyhan Can

Dallas Brogdon Dunlap


Toti Erik Larson

Benjamin Smith

Nicholas Patrick Ettinger


Kyle Robert Reuber

Kenneth McDermott

Brian Wilson Horn

Elisabeth Gillbard

Katie-Joe McDonough, PhD

James Lawrence Pindell


Jenna DiMarzio

Svetoslav V. Georgiev

Holly J. Stein

Judith L. Hannah


Lirong Dou

Xiaodong Wei

Xuejun Wang

Yuguang Zhao

Demin Mao

Qunwei Zhang


Rosanne Eve McKernan

Stephen J. Covey-Crump

Julian Mecklenburgh

Ernest Rutter

Kevin G. Taylor


Satinder Chopra

Ritesh Sharma


Stanislaw Mazur

Ahmed Abd El Kader Salem

Simon Campbell

Adriano Sebastiao

Jane Cristina Saweka

Artur Mupindo De Oliveira

Nicola Gwendolen Henshaw


Younane Abousleiman

Roger M. Slatt, PhD


R. Craig Shipp, Ph.D.,P.G.

Eddy Lee

Fa Dwan

Willem Hack

John Larry Gibson


Nicholas B. Harris

Nikki Theresa Hemmesch


Tim Paul Dooley

Martin P. A. Jackson, PhD

Michael R. Hudec


Shengyu Wu, PhD

Roderick James Sloan, PhD

Shaoqing Sun

Jose Ignacio Guzman


George William Shurr

Thomas Haggar

Sarah A. Chadima


Gunn M.Grimsmo Teige

Hege Marit Nordgard Bolas

Christian Hermanrud


Larisa Voronova

Mark B. Allen

Robert Scott

Stepen Vincent

Eric Blanc

Adrian Heafford

Clare Davies


Willard Lynn Watney

Martin Kenneth Dubois

Evan Karl Franseen

Alan Paul Byrnes


Vitor Dos Santos Abreu

Dag Nummedal, PhD

William Allen Spears

Thomas David De Brock

Steven Lee Pierce

Kendall Meyers


Willard Lynn Watney

Martin Kenneth Dubois

Alan Paul Byrnes


Bradford Eugene Prather


Joseph Robert Straccia


Stephen Ernest Laubach

Eloise Doherty


Eirik Vik

Britta Paasch

Christian Hermanrud

Hege Marit Nordgard Bolas


James Cottier Niemann


Cynthia L. Blankenship

Charles G. Guderjahn

David S. Epps

Douglas A. Stauber

John D. Oldroyd


Kevin M. Bohacs

John R. Sutter


Rob B. Leslie


Jesus Maguregui Solaguren


Erik Roland Lundin


Kate S. Weissenburger


Larry Michael Grace

Robert Gordon Pirie, PhD

Paul Edwin Potter, PhD


Gill M. Harwood

Alan C. Kendall


David I. Norman

John Clay Lorenz

Sharon J. Finley


Janell Diane Edman, PhD

Alan Ronald Daly


Henry Lee Berryhill, Jr.

John Robert Suter, PhD


Michael Giraut

Jeff Gernand

Jeffrey Feehan

Bruce H. Nickelsen

Richardson B Allen


Dale Stewart Sawyer

Presentation of Jules Braunstein Memorial Awards to Toti Larson, Benjamin P. Smith and Nick Ettinger, for 'From Carbonate Factory Collapse to Recovery: Insights Through Box Modeling of Carbon Isotope Excursions of Oceanic Anoxic Events (OAEs)' at the Opening Session, Annual Convention & Exhibition in San Antonio, Texas on May 19, 2019.
Presentation of Jules Braunstein Memorial Awards to Katie-Joe McDonough, Kenneth McDermott, Elisabeth C. Gillbard, Kyle Reuber, James Pindell and Brian W. Horn, for 'Chronostratigraphy Across a Conjugate Margin Source-to-Sink: Uruguay and Namibia - Why Stop at Basement?' at the Opening Session, Annual Convention & Exhibition in Salt Lake City, Utah on May 21, 2018.
Presentation of Jules Braunstein Memorial Awards to Nicholas B. Harris and Nikki Hemmesch at the Opening Session, Annual Convention & Exhibition in New Orleans, Louisiana on April 11, 2010.

The recipient of the Jules Braunstein Memorial Award is not required to be an AAPG Member. Selection of the winning poster session paper is made only from those poster sessions sponsored by AAPG.

Guidelines for Consideration of Candidates

Judging is conducted by a Braunstein Award Committee to be appointed by the General Chairman of the convention and the Chairman of the Braunstein Award Committee. In the event of a tie in the total score, the paper scoring highest in “Originality: New concepts or new interpretations?” is declared the winner. In the event of a secondary tie at that level, the paper scoring highest on “Significance and usefulness” is declared the winner.


The Committee’s decision is conveyed by the Chairman to the Convention General Chairman as soon as possible following the convention. The General Chairman then informs the President of the Association who notifies the winner.

Description of Award

The Jules Braunstein Memorial Award is $500.00 cash and a walnut plaque bearing the name of the winner and the title of the paper. Co-authors share the cash award equally, each receiving identical plaques.


This award is named in honor of Jules Braunstein whose contributions as an industry geologist, professor of geology, and an indefatigable worker for local, regional, and national geological organizations were outstanding. This award for the best poster session is especially appropriate in honor of Mr. Braunstein, since it was he who in 1975 recommended and arranged for the first poster sessions to be presented at the 1976 Annual Convention of the Association in New Orleans.

Mr. Braunstein proposed that the Association immediately establish a best paper award, but concern over the long-range success of poster sessions as a strong and viable part of the annual meetings led the Association to determine that a less formalized award called the General Chairman’s Award be given and paid for out of convention funds until such time as poster sessions became established. Poster sessions were an immediate success, and now more poster session papers are given than are given orally in the more conventional manner.

Following Mr. Braunstein’s death in 1983, many of his friends, especially in the Gulf Coast area, suggested that the Association formalize the poster session paper award and name it in his honor. This award was established in 1984 by the Executive Committee of the Association and the Trustees of the AAPG Foundation.


Funding for the award is provided through the AAPG Foundation Awards Fund through a generous contribution from the Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies as a lasting memorial to Jules Braunstein.

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