30 September, 2024 Muscat Masqat Oman

Opening Ceremony

30 September 2024
Muscat, Oman


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Course Content

As the world transitions into alternative energy sources; hydrocarbon exploration and production require to delve deeper into disciplines such as ichnology to increase the success of hydrocarbon discovery and its efficient production. Sedimentological and trace fossils analysis is commonly incorporated in any high-quality reservoir study. Some of the applications of trace-fossils in petroleum exploration and reservoir characterization include:

  1. The ichnological model of brackish-water settings
  2. The integration of ichnology with sedimentology and genetic stratigraphy
  3. The detailed characterization of shoreface, delta, bay and estuary deposits
  4. The continuous refinement of the continental ichnofacies and evolutionary trends depicted from the ichnofossil record.

More recently, ichnological analysis has been applied to reservoir characterization in both aquifer and hydrocarbon reservoirs. This deals with the fluid-flow modifications due to biogenically induced heterogeneities in the reservoir, and “reservoir ichnology” constitutes a growing field among industry geoscientists.

Course Objectives
  • Introduce attendees with trace fossil observations, including their identification and their relationship to physical sedimentary processes.
  • Integrate ichnological and sedimentological observations in order to depict paleoecological parameters such as:
    1. Salinity fluctuations
    2. Food resources
    3. Optimal oxygenation
    4. Sedimentation rates in depositional environments.
  • Showcase several ways where ichnological analysis aid in the understanding and refinement of depositional environments.
  • Trace fossil concepts; classification and bioturbation assessment
  • Organisms-sediment interactions, trace fossil assemblages and ichnofacies
  • Fundamentals of ichnological analysis: ichnofossil diversity, abundance and ethological characteristics
  • Paleoecological parameters depicted from ichnological datasets: selected case studies and applications
  • Gross depositional environments and their ichnological signature: examples from continental, marginal-marine, and shallow-marine environments
  • Selected subsurface and outcrop examples from the Arabian Plate
Who Should Attend

Directed to oil & gas geoscientist involved in subsurface and outcrop sedimentological studies, reservoir characterization, identification and refining of gross depositional environments (GDE Mapping), reservoir distribution and quality studies, as well as formation evaluation analysis. Researchers and professionals, as well as undergraduate and graduate students in stratigraphy, sedimentology and petroleum geology.


Camilo A. Polo
Saudi Aramco
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