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Who Should Attend
  1. Explorationists and regional geologists interested in the Middle East
  2. Geologists that have to read palynology, biostratigraphy and stratigraphy reports and interpret and apply them
  3. Palynologists and stratigraphers with Early Palaeozoic, Mesozoic or Tertiary Middle Eastern experience who want a useful introduction to the Late Palaeozoic

By the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Use the primary functionalities of Python and selected packages of the Python language (Numpy / SciPy / Pandas / Matplotlib / Seaborn), through a project in Google Colab
  • Apply the basic concepts of Artificial Intelligence and primary Artificial Intelligence algorithms, particularly in the areas of Machine Learning and Deep Learning applied to geoscientific data (electrical well logs, seismic, well production data, and geochemical data of minerals).
  • Apply geoscientific data analysis and visualization techniques using Python libraries
  • Interpret output obtained by the prediction models
  • Use libraries for Machine Learning (Scikit-Learn) and Deep Learning (Keras and TensorFlow)

An identical course will be offered in English at the beginning of 2021. Stay tuned to our website for more information.

Course Content

Course will be held via Zoom: 16–18 December 2020, 8:00 am12:00 pm (CDT)

This course will cover aspects of Palaeozoic applied palynology for the Middle East – an area where palynology still has a significant impact. The course begins with a basic description of the lithology, structure and geological history of the Middle East Late Palaeozoic. It then describes some of the problems solved by palynology in sequences where seismic and logs do not provide the certainty required. It looks into the chief groups of spores and pollen in Middle Eastern Late Palaeozoic successions, spending time on around 20 of the most important single palynomorph taxa that have special stratigraphic significance for correlation and palynological characterization.

The last part of the course concentrates on case studies and real applications of Late Palaeozoic palynology in problem-solving both in relation to Earth history but also specific to industry. Regional case studies will cover the Carboniferous-Permian of Oman, the Devonian of Saudi Arabia, the Hercynian unconformity in Iraq, the Carboniferous-Permian of the Pakistan Salt Range, and the Permian-Triassic of Israel and Jordan. Industry case studies will cover the Jauf and Unayzah formations, and the Al Khlata and Gharif formations, as well as palynology and reservoir heterogeneity, well steering and facies time slices.

Why This Course Stands Out

No other course covers applied Middle East Late Palaeozoic Palynology, nor has the regional and industry focus on solving geological problems.

  1. Regional geology and structure of the Late Palaeozoic of the Middle East and Levant
  2. Basic Late Palaeozoic palynological taxonomy and key stratigraphically important taxa
  3. Uses of palynology in stratigraphy and correlation, particularly in relation to petroleum geology at a regional and field scale
  4. Uses of palynology in specific petroleum geological problem solving
  5. Uses and abuses of palynology
Expires on
18 December, 2020
Professional Fee
Expires on
18 December, 2020
Displaced Professional Fee
Expires on
18 December, 2020
Student Fee
30 People

*Limited number of spaces available by application only. Please CLICK HERE to apply for the discounted rate.

Bahrain Bahrain 57297
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