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Prospective Members

The following Associates or Students have submitted applications for Member in the Association. This does not constitute election, but places the names before the membership at large. Any information bearing on the qualifications of these candidates should be sent promptly to the Executive Committee, P.O. Box 979, Tulsa, Okla. 74101.

Membership applications are available to download as PDFs via the type of membership you'd like to apply for or by contacting headquarters in Tulsa.

Name Company City State/ Country Publish Date
Isiakpere, Akpofure Gordon Total Americas, USA Houston TX 2021/04/13
Singh, Asheesh IHS Markit Gurgaon India 2021/04/13
Stroud, John Witherspoon Stroud Exploration L.L.C. Waskom TX 2021/04/12
Haege, Jessica Spirit Energy Norge Stavanger Norway 2021/04/12
Oyeleke, Kehinde Zaid Schlumberger Lagos Nigeria 2021/04/12
Xu, Shang China University of Petroleum Qingdao China 2021/04/12
Oni, Olugbenga Olufemi Independent Woking UK 2021/04/08
Granjeon, Didier IFP Energies Nouvelles Rueil Malmaison France 2021/04/08
Peluso, Fabio Total Bourg Saint Andeol France 2021/04/07
Liang, Chao China University of Petroleum (East China) Qingdao China 2021/04/05
Morkner, Paige Leidos contract support at the National Energy Technology Laboratory Portland OR 2021/04/01
Jiang, Xiaohu Schlumberger Perth Australia 2021/04/01
Santos, Carlos Ellington Geological Services Twickenham UK 2021/04/01
Campos, Ruben Wider Energy Solutions Luanda Angola 2021/04/01
Canales, Luis Reservons LLC Houston TX 2021/04/01
Tomlinson, Prentis B. Blackrock Resources LLC Houston TX 2021/04/01
Miller, Jeffery Office of Conservation - Injection and Mining Division Baton Rouge LA 2021/04/01
Jamin, Nur Huda Universiti Teknology Petronas Seri Iskandar Malaysia 2021/04/01
Clark, Stuart University of New South Wales Sydney Croydon Australia 2021/04/01
Stocker, Courtney Vintage Energy Willaston Australia 2021/04/01
Efimenko, Natalia Geneva Petroleum Consultants International Plan-les-Ouates Switzerland 2021/04/01
Lo Cascio, Mauro Jura Energy Houston TX 2021/04/01
Petkovski, Maki PETKO Petroleum Pty Limited Sydney Australia 2021/04/01
Abdul Razak, Mohd Shafiq Firdauz Beicip-Franlab Asia Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 2021/04/01
Andrade, Roger Edwards Aquifer Authority San Antonio TX 2021/03/25
O'Brien, Darien G. Independent Lakewood CO 2021/03/25
AlAshgar, Samer S. Saudi Aramco Dhahran Saudi Arabia 2021/03/23
Foster, Jace Independent Tyler TX 2021/03/23
Jones, Thomas H. Normont Creek Energy Partners, LLC Tomball TX 2021/03/23
Thompson, Joseph University of Ghana Accra Ghana 2021/03/22
Cain, Jonathan Rockfield Swansea UK 2021/03/22
Faurie, Simon Geology & Geophysics Skills Kampala Uganda 2021/03/22
Mboto, John Sylvester Chevron Corporation San Ramon CA 2021/03/18
Colborne, Jacqueline Occidental Petroleum Golden CO 2021/03/18
Eliassen, Per Emil Equinor Forus Norway 2021/03/18
Forbes, Ian George Crawford Consultant Sauchen Scotland 2021/03/18
Manuhutu, Chassty Aramco Services Company Houston TX 2021/03/16
Surovtsev, Dmitry Schlumberger Moscow Russia 2021/03/16
Asare, Audrey Boanema Ghana National Petroleum Corporation Tema Ghana 2021/03/16
Duodu-Turkson, Kwesi Mensah Ghana National Petroleum Corporation Tema Ghana 2021/03/16
Unal, Emre Independent Fulshear TX 2021/03/15
Zhang, Liya Shell Houston TX 2021/03/15
Liao, Zonghu China University of Petroleum (Beijing) Changping China 2021/03/15
Soundy, Katrina Lucia Independent Midland TX 2021/03/11
Cheng, Feng Independent Reno NV 2021/03/11
Cogis, Nicolas TOTAL SA Neuilly sur Seine France 2021/03/11
Gutierrez Pacheco, Luis Miguel Independent Valledupar Colombia 2021/03/10
Freye, Amy Marie University of Wyoming: Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute Casper WY 2021/03/08
Zijp, Martinus Biodentify Delft Netherlands 2021/03/08
Larberg, Arden Quantum Energy Partners Houston TX 2021/03/02
Onubogu, Chisom Christiana TOTAL AMERICAS Houston TX 2021/03/02
Amusugut, Catherine Padde Uganda National Oil Company Kampala Uganda 2021/03/01
Grew, Edward Sturgis University of Maine-Orono Orono ME 2021/02/24
Luaces-Heider, Viviane BW Energy Houston TX 2021/02/24
Bohm, Brian Apache Corporation Houston TX 2021/02/24
Simanjuntak, Josia SKK Migas Jakarta Indonesia 2021/02/23
Alexander, Elinor SA Dept Mines and Energy Adelaide Australia 2021/02/19
Walsh, Patrick Ormat Nevada Inc Reno NV 2021/02/19
Despland, Patrick Santos Adelaide, SA Australia 2021/02/18
Franklin, Karen E. Flarestone Geoscience LLC Owasso OK 2021/02/17
Frostad, Colin Tourmaline Oil Corp Calgary Canada 2021/02/16
Bievenour, April Oxy Houston TX 2021/02/16
Russo, Joshua Joseph Independent Midland TX 2021/02/16
Esestime, Paolo Pivotal Geo Ltd. Woking UK 2021/02/16

The following candidates have submitted certification applications by the Division of Professional Affairs. This does not constitute election, but places the names before the membership at large. Any information bearing on the qualifications of these candidates should be sent promptly to the Executive Committee, P.O. Box 979, Tulsa, Okla. 74101.

Here's how to apply

Name Company City State/ Country Sponsors Certification Publish Date

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