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Due to the ongoing military conflict in Ukraine we have decided to postpone this meeting until next year, September 21-22 of 2023. Bookmark this page for latest developments.

This meeting is organized 13 years after the first-ever AAPG conference in Ukraine which took place in Kiev(Kyiv) back in 2010 focusing on the Black Sea and Caspian regions. The theme we have chosen for this return of AAPG Europe to the Ukraine is “Basin evolution and prospectivity in flexural and rift basins". Ukraine has several hydrocarbon producing basins falling in these basin categories, the most prominent ones being the Carpathian foreland and the Dnieper-Donetsk rift basins. Other classic petroleum basins in the region are the Carpathian, Dobrogea and Crimean folded belts and the passive margin of the northern Black Sea shelf and deepwater areas.

Given the global energy transition, an even deeper understanding of these basin units is required now not only with hydrocarbons in mind but with a new focus on geothermal energy utilization, carbon dioxide capture, utilization, storage, hydrogen exploration and storage. These rapidly emerging topics will have dedicated special sessions.

The Lviv GTW will also have special sessions which fit the general geological setting of the Ukrainian basins highlighting aspects of the petroleum systems elements focusing on, for example, salt tectonics, clastic and carbonate reservoirs and structural geology. Within the broad structural geology theme we are planning to have not only a session devoted to thrust-fold belts in the European region (and beyond!) but also discuss fault reactivation and inversion tectonics in folded belts and inversion with global case studies.

Given the ongoing COVID situation, our Technical and Advisory committees are prepared to work on a solid technical programme with a physical meeting in mind. We believe that by the early summer of 2022 the meeting will have a good chance to occur in-person in the beautiful city of Lviv and the planned exceptional field trips can also happen. We deliberately work with the local and regional universities and research institutions to have a healthy mix of professionals from both the industry and the academia for this event.

We hope that all the interested explorers and geoscientists will not only enjoy this conference but also find some extra time to visit stunning and historic city of Lviv which is easily accessible from many airports in Europe. Again, this is the very first time for AAPG to have a conference in Lviv and we feel confident that it will be a superb and memorable one!

South Atlantic Conjugate Margins: Reconnecting Basins with Recent Discoveries and Exploration Opportunities Call for Abstracts Ends on 30 September, 2022

The technical program committee is accepting proposals for all sessions.

The committee has particular interest in presentations highlighting state-of-the-art concepts, methodologies, case histories and future directions relating to the symposium theme and geographic region featured.  They also seek case studies illustrating the successful implementation of new scientific techniques and technologies.

Presentation proposals will be reviewed, scored and selected using the following criteria:

  • Relevance: Subject matter is timely, pertains to registrants, and is appropriate to the theme.
  • Usefulness: Contributes to new knowledge or new techniques/practice.
  • Object: Clearly states what the audience can expect to learn.
  • Quality: Ideas are organized and presented in a clear and logical way.

Presentation summaries should be submitted in English using the Presentation Proposal Form located below.  Presenters selected for the program will be asked to prepare English language presentation slides and deliver their presentation in English.

All presenters must register for the symposium and pay the presenter registration fee to participate in the event.

Submit Abstracts

Topics for the Planned Technical Programme
  1. Exploration in flexural and rift basins globally
  2. New and emerging plays in mature petroleum provinces
  3. Siliciclastic reservoirs: exploration and exploitation
  4. Carbonates and fractured reservoirs: exploration and exploitation
  5. Fault reactivation and inversion tectonics
  6. Exploration in thrust-fold belts: the last frontier?
  7. Salt tectonics: case studies from rift basins and folded belts
  8. Advanced geophysical technologies and machine learning in geoscience
  9. The energy transition: CCUS, geothermal energy and hydrogen storage
  10. Petroleum systems elements: modelling from prospect- to basin-scale
Key Speakers

Mark Rowan (Salt Tectonics)

Wouth Krijgsman (Paratethys Connectivity)

Andrea Moscariello (Geothermal Energy)

Derya Demirici (Sakarya Discoveries)

AAPG’s Latin America and Caribbean and Africa Regions invite you to support the South Atlantic Conjugate Virtual Technical Symposium 2022, an event bringing leading scientists and industry practitioners to share best practices, exchange ideas and explore opportunities for future collaboration.

Sponsorship provides high exposure before a global audience of industry leaders and decision makers and shows your commitment to providing high quality content and meaningful connections. Sponsoring companies receive one complimentary event registration for every $2500 in sponsorship.

Sponsor Workshop

Sponsorship Levels

South Atlantic Conjugate Margins: Reconnecting Basins with Recent Discoveries and Exploration Opportunities Sponsorship Levels

Sponsorship Items

South Atlantic Conjugate Margins: Reconnecting Basins with Recent Discoveries and Exploration Opportunities Sponsorship Items

Lviv, Ukraine
Lviv, Ukraine Lviv, Ukraine New Date 62057
Expires on
08 December, 2022
Expires on
08 December, 2022
AAPG Members*/ Presenters**
Expires on
08 December, 2022
University faculty+/ AAPG Emeritus Members*
Expires on
08 December, 2022
Expires on
08 December, 2022
AAPG Student Members*
Registration Includes
  • Access to live sessions and Q&A with presenters
  • Program with presentation summaries and presenter bios
  • Participant list (pending participant approval)
  • Virtual delegate bag
  • Post-event access to presentation recordings (only from presenters who provided authorization)
  • Certificate of participation

* Member rate available to AAPG members who have paid their dues for the current fiscal year.

** Presenter fees are available to presenters accepted for the program

+ Individuals selecting the academic rate may be asked to provide proof of their employment status with an academic institution.

*** Students enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs

Payment Options

Payment on the AAPG website is available for individuals using a credit or debit card.

To pay via wire transfer or to make a single payment for multiple registrations, contact Diana Ruiz, Latin America and Caribbean Region Events Coordinator, [email protected].

Refund/Cancellation policy

No refunds or cancellations will be issued one month prior to the event

Registrants who are unable to participate may designate a substitute to attend in their place.

Cancellations and substitution requests should be sent to [email protected].

Technical Requirements

Personal computer or device with high-speed internet access


Steven Loring Veal Steven Veal Committee Director
Nathan Alan Randolph Nathan Randolph Vice President Geologist, Pablo Energy II, LLC
Johannes Alvarez Johannes Alvarez Program Chair Chevron
Stephanie Perry Stephanie Perry Program Chair Senior Petrophysicist, Intertek (Westport Laboratories)
Scott W. Singleton Scott Singleton Program Chair Independence Resources Management
Katerina Yared Katerina Yared Program Chair Elect Petrophysicist P.G. PMP, SM Energy
Robert Archer Hull Robert Hull Theme Chair Consultant
Craig Cipolla Craig Cipolla Theme Chair Hess Corporation
Alejandro Lerza Alejandro Lerza Theme Chair Chevron
Luis R. Baez Luis Baez Theme Chair Shell Exploration and Production Company
Jayne Alexandra Sloan Jayne Sloan Theme Chair Geologist, Centennial Resource Development
Isaac Aviles Isaac Aviles Theme Chair Schlumberger
Baosheng Liang Baosheng Liang Theme Chair Research Scientist, Chevron Energy Tech. Co.
Michael P. Ashby Michael Ashby Theme Chair Devon
Felipe Bayón Felipe Bayón Honorary Chair Ecopetrol
Douglas Nelson Valleau Douglas Valleau Theme Chair President, Strategia Innovation & Technology Advisors. LLc
Victor H. Vega Victor Vega General Chair Vice President Exploration, Development and Reserves, Frontera Energy
David William Hume David Hume Theme Chair Business Development , Independent Consultant
Elsa Jeanneth Jaimes Elsa Jaimes General Vice Chair Ecopetrol
Matthew Troy Poole Matthew Poole Theme Chair Shell Exploration and Production
Carlos  Macellari Carlos Macellari Technical Program Co-Chair Consultant
Didi Mey Ooi Didi Ooi Theme Chair Occidental Petroleum
Andrew  Munoz Andrew Munoz Theme Chair Ensign Natural Resources
Tomas Villamil, PhD Tomas Villamil Technical Program Co-Chair Independent Consultant
Miguel  Ramirez Miguel Ramirez Judging Chair Consultant
Andrew Jude Lewis Andrew Lewis Theme Chair Technology Manager, Fairfield Geotechnologies
Leonardo Jimenez Leonardo Jimenez Field Trip Chair Ecopetrol S.A.
Marianne  Rauch Marianne Rauch Theme Chair Principal Technical Advisor, multi client onshore, TGS
Carlos  Molinares-Blanco Carlos Molinares-Blanco Short Course Chair Exploration Geophysicist, SierraCol Energy
Orlando Jose Teran Orlando Teran Theme Chair Ovintiv
Ahmad Ghassemi Ahmad Ghassemi Theme Chair The University of Oklahoma
Yunhui Tan Yunhui Tan Theme Chair
Ruiting Wu Ruiting Wu Theme Chair Chevron
Deepak Gokaraju Deepak Gokaraju Theme Chair Meta Rock Lab
Craig Barrie Craig Barrie Theme Chair Applied Petroleum Technology
Jason Jweda Jason Jweda Theme Chair ConocoPhillips
Liang Xu Liang Xu Theme Chair Evonik
Wei Wang Wei Wang Theme Chair Chevron
Birol Dindoruk Birol Dindoruk Theme Chair University of Houston
Sebastien F. Matringe Sebastien Matringe Theme Chair Hess Corporation
Bin Yuan Bin Yuan Theme Chair China University of Petroleum
Yongshe Liu Yongshe Liu Theme Chair ConocoPhillips
Enrique Velasquez Enrique Velasquez Local Programs Chair President 2020-2021, ACGGP
Zühtü Bati Zühtü Bati Organizing Co-Chair TPAO
George Koperna George Koperna Theme Chair Advanced Resources Int'l Inc
Hosein Kalaei Hosein Kalaei Theme Chair ConocoPhillips
Paula Marcela Ramirez Paula Ramirez Student Activities Co-Chair SierraCol Energy Colombia
Ozgur Sipahioglu Ozgur Sipahioglu Organizing Co-Chair TPAO
Amit Singh Amit Singh Theme Chair Chevron
Gabor  Tari Gabor Tari Organizing Co-Chair OMV UPSTREAM
Gabriel  Wilkinson Gabriel Wilkinson Student Activities Co-Chair Independent
Laura Alejandra  Becerra Silva Laura Alejandra Becerra Silva Young Professionals Activities Co-Chair Geologist Engineer, ACGGP
Denise Benoit Denise Benoit Theme Chair Halliburton
Ali Demirer Ali Demirer Organizing Committee Consultant
Amrit Mahendra Cooblal Amrit Cooblal Young Professionals Activities Co-Chair Graduate Geoscientist, BHP
Susan Howes Susan Howes Theme Chair Subsurface Consultants & Associates, LLC
Riza Ozgur Temel Riza Ozgur Temel Organizing Committee TPAO, Turkey
Alexsandra  Martinez Alexsandra Martinez Theme Chair DeGolyer and MacNaughton
Mayra Liseth Vargas Mayra Vargas AAPG Women's Network Liason Geologist, Shell
Suat Aktepe Suat Aktepe Organizing Committee TPAO
Andrea Lopez Andrea Lopez Student-YP Leadership Summit Chair Total Energies
Katie Essary Katie Essary Theme Chair Chevron
Ugras Isik Ugras Isik Organizing Committee TPAO, Turkey
Andrei Belopolsky Andrei Belopolsky Technical Program Theme Chair Senior Exploration Advisor, Guyana-Suriname Exploration - E&P Americas, TotalEnergies
Autumn Shannon Autumn Shannon Theme Chair Marathon Oil
Ozbil Yapar Ozbil Yapar Organizing Committee TPAO
Juan Pablo Lovecchio Juan Lovecchio Technical Program Theme Chair Senior Exploration Geologist, YPF S.A.
Andres Roberto Mora Bohorquez Andres Mora Bohorquez Technical Program Theme Chair Ecopetrol - ICP
Gonzalo  Zamora Valcarce Gonzalo Zamora Valcarce Technical Program Theme Chair Structural Geology Manager, Repsol
Uaapi Utjavari Uaapi Utjavari Chair VP exploration Africa Region, Recon Africa
Andras  Nemeth Andras Nemeth Co-Chair Exploration project manager, MOL
Aral Okay Aral Okay International Advisory Committee Istanbul Technical University
Ian Troth Ian Troth Technical Program Theme Chair Equinor
Gabor  Tari Gabor Tari Co-Chair OMV UPSTREAM
Yolanda Mberirua Yolanda Mberirua Committee Member BW Energy
Nuretdin Kaymakci Nuretdin Kaymakci International Advisory Committee Middle East Technical University
Vanessa Raquel Kertznus Vanessa Kertznus Technical Program Theme Chair Team Leader Brazil Exploration, Shell Brasil Petróleo Ltda.
Eugene Garth Rhodes Eugene Rhodes Plenary Session Subcommittee Co-Chair Pioneer Natural Resources
Piotr Krzywiec Piotr Krzywiec Committee Member Associate Professor, Institute of Geological Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences
William L. Parker William Parker Committee Member BW Energy
Jaime Checa Jaime Checa Technical Program Theme Chair Geophysics Manager, SierraCol Energy
Reyhan Kara Gulbay Reyhan Kara Gulbay International Advisory Committee Karadeniz Technical University
Douglas Nelson Valleau Douglas Valleau Plenary Session Subcommittee Co-Chair President, Strategia Innovation & Technology Advisors. LLc
Raffaele Di Cuia Raffaele Di Cuia Committee Member Technical Director, Delta Energy Ltd.
Namik Cagatay Namik Cagatay International Advisory Committee Istambul Technical University
Ricardo  Rosa Fernandes Ricardo Rosa Fernandes Technical Program Theme Chair Exploration Coordinator, Petrobras
Jay Stratton Jay Stratton Plenary Session Subcommittee Co-Chair Ultra Petroleum
Imre Magyar, PhD Imre Magyar Committee Member Senior Geologist, MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas Plc
Selma  Usiku Selma Usiku Committee Member Exploration Geologist, Eco Atlantic Oil & Gas
Sierd Cloetingh, PhD Sierd Cloetingh International Advisory Committee Universitiet Utrecht
Ricardo Fabian Dominguez Ricardo Dominguez Technical Program Theme Chair YPF SA
Alan Vranjkovic, PhD Alan Vranjkovic Committee Member G&G Chief Expert, INA Plc
Wout Krijgsman Wout Krijgsman International Advisory Committee Universitiet Utrecht
Ivan Lanusse Noguera Ivan Lanusse Noguera Technical Program Theme Chair Phoenix Energy
Csaba Krezsek, PhD Csaba Krezsek Committee Member Exploration Manager, OMV Petrom
Graham A. Blackbourn Graham Blackbourn International Advisory Committee Dr, Blackbourn Geoconsulting
Lorena  Moscardelli Lorena Moscardelli Technical Program Theme Chair Research Associate / Principal Investigator, Bureau of Economic Geology
Zsuzsanna Szabo Zsuzsanna Szabo Committee Member Sr. Specialist, MOL Plc
Will Waters Will Waters Committee Member ExxonMobil
Leonardo Caixeta Leonardo Caixeta International Advisory Committee Senior Geologist, TotalEnergies

Events Manager, Middle East
Desktop /Portals/0/images/_portraits/L-P/no-image.jpg?width=75&quality=90&encoder=freeimage&progressive=true 16523 Katie Steibelt
AAPG Middle East Office Director
Desktop /Portals/0/PackFlashItemImages/WebReady/al-zubaidi-abeer.jpg?width=75&quality=90&encoder=freeimage&progressive=true 12997 Abeer Al Zubaidi
AAPG Latin America & Caribbean Region Events Coordinator
Desktop /Portals/0/PackFlashItemImages/WebReady/ruiz-vasquez-diana.jpg?width=75&quality=90&encoder=freeimage&progressive=true 49564 Diana Ruiz Vásquez
AAPG Latin America & Caribbean Region Manager +1.281.886.8525 (USA)
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