Dr. Stephen A. Sonnenberg

House Long Service Award

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

Time is a precious commodity to us all, and is particularly treasured by geologists who have a unique relationship with the concept of time. A geologist’s mind is trained to leap backward and forward by epochs, which stands in stark contrast to most people’s frames of reference, which are typically measured by minutes or days, or decades at most.

Time is an especially precious commodity when it is given to the AAPG Foundation, in whatever increment.

Since its inception, the success of the AAPG Foundation has been fostered by generous volunteers, all of whom share a deep passion for advancing the geosciences.

Those same volunteers who have contributed with their treasure have also dedicated their time and talents to creating programs that will encourage and financially assist like-minded scientists aspiring to do the same.

Foundation volunteers serve in many capacities. They donate time and talent serving as Trustees, Members of the Corporation and Trustee Associates. Many AAPG Foundation supporters also donate a considerable amount of time to the Foundation’s program committees, all of which provide the guidance needed to shape the Foundation’s impact.

These gifts of time and talent pay in big ways, and the Foundation would not be able to administer its key programs without them. Their leadership supports many of the administrative efforts of the programs, such as scoring and selecting scholarships to students, grants for select geoscience initiatives, education awards honoring geoscience teachers and professors, and more. You too can get involved in one or more selection committees.

A Multitude of Committee Efforts

The longest standing committee is the 60-person strong Grants-in-Aid Committee, a joint AAPG/AAPG Foundation Committee, chaired this year by longtime volunteer Mike Unger. The Grants-in-Aid Committee and its leadership spends a significant amount of time reviewing and scoring masters and doctoral research projects and will award $260,000 in research funds 2016.

The Military Veterans Scholarship Program Committee, chaired by Don O’Nesky, will soon begin its second year of reviewing applications submitted by veterans who are studying geoscience at the undergraduate level.

The newly established L. Austin Weeks Committee, chaired by AAPG Emeritus member Ron Nelson, will soon begin applications for grants submitted by undergraduate geoscience students and their respective student organizations, awarding top students and organizations with $500 grants.

The Professorial Award panel, led by Carol Wicks, chooses one university or college professor who has shown excellence in his or her field.

Our Teacher of the Year Award panel, led by Laura Zahm, annually selects one K-12 teacher who has demonstrated earth science excellence to youth among his or her peers, who receives a cash award and an expense-paid trip for two to ACE.

The Foundation welcomes new volunteer interest to participate on the committees described. If you are interested in donating time and would like to learn more about volunteering for one of the Foundation’s program committees, please email program coordinator, April Stuart, and express your interest at astuart@aapg.org or call (918) 510-2644.

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