Editorial Scope

The Environmental Geosciences journal is a peer-reviewed publication for the AAPG’s Division of Enironmental Geosciences. DEG and their journal approach basic environmental issues from a geological perspective, thereby transferring the profession's understanding of geological, geochemical, geophysical, and hydrogeological principles and methodologies to the solutions of environmental problems. It is a "must read" for environmental specialists, consultants, oil company employees, students, and all others interested in the field.

Environmental Geosciences is published quarterly and is included with the DEG membership dues.

Agency Commission

15% of gross billing is allowed to recognized agencies on space, color, bleed and position. Commission not allowed on production and mechanical charges. No cash discounts allowed.

General Rate Policy

Frequency is determined by the total number of insertions run during a 12-month period. Each page of a spread can be counted as one insertion toward earning a frequency rate.

Rebates and Short Orders: Within a 12-month period from the date of the first insertion, advertisers will be rebated if they have placed sufficient additional insertions to warrant a lower rate than the amount they have been billed. Advertisers will be short-rated if they do not use the amount of space on which their billings are based within a 12-month period from the date of the first insertion.

Liability: Advertisers and advertising agencies assume liability for all content of advertising printed, and are responsible for all claims made against the publisher arising from printed advertising.

Publisher’s Rights: The publisher reserves the right to reject any advertisement at the publisher’s discretion.

Preferred Positions: All preferred positions are non-cancelable during the duration of the contract.

Prepayment: Prepayment required to accompany ad for first-time advertisers, or at the publisher’s discretion.

Black and White Rates and Requirements
Size 1 Time 4 Times
Full Page $1,520 $1,090
1/2 Page      820      590
1/3 Page      620      445
1/4 Page      540      380

The EG Journal is an electronic publication. All ads must be submitted digitally. Hard copy proofs are required for all ads.

Color Rates and Requirements

Additional color available at full page rates only.

Colors are derived from the four process ink colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) exclusively. No Pantone (PMS) or other custom ink blending systems.

In addition to black and white space rates, add:

Additional process color (per color) $200
Four-color process charge $575

Metallic silver and gold inking available on a limited basis. Contact AAPG for production and pricing details.

Preferred Positions

Add the following costs for these preferred positions.

Cover II $100
Cover III $100
Cover IV $150
Mechanical Requirements
Size Format Width/Depth (in) Width/Depth (mm)
1 Page Vertical 6-3/4 x 9-1/2 171.45 x 241.3
1/2 Page Horizontal 6-3/4 x 4-3/4 171.45 x 120.65
1/2 Page Vertical 3-3/8 x 9-1/2 85.725 x 241.3
1/3 Page Vertical 2-1/8 x 9-1/2 53.975 x 241.3

Trim Size: 8 in. x 10-1/2 in. (203.2 x 266.7 mm)

Printing Method: Offset sheet-fed and web

Screen Size: Halftones, 133-line screen

Ink Coverage: Ink coverage in any given area of an ad is not to exceed a total of 300% for all four colors (i.e. C=50%, M=35%, Y=100%, K-10% -- total coverage =195%).

Advertiser’s Proofs: Proofs must accompany all ads.

Publisher’s Proofs: Provided with insertion order only on request

Storage and Material: Electronic files and proofs will be kept for one (1) year, then deleted unless other instructions are received from the advertiser or agency.

Binding Method: Perfect binding

Electronic Ad Submittal

Spreads and Bleed Ads

Bleeds are available. To regular rates, add $50.

Reading material or illustrations not intended to bleed must be kept 7/16 in. away from the trim edge. Full bleed pages carry a 3/16 in. trim on all four sides after binding. Trim on fractional ads will depend on whether the ad is placed on a right or left page.

Spreads (two full-bleed facing pages) must be furnished as one continuous piece 16-3/8 in. x 10-7/8 in.

Format Width/Depth (in) Width/Depth (mm)
2-page spread 16-3/8 x 10-7/8 415.925 x 276.225
1 page 8-3/8 x 10-7/8 212.725 x 276.225
Mode of submission
  • Mail or package delivery:
    • ZIP disk (100MB or 250MB)
    • Jazz disk
    • CD-ROM
    • 3.5-inch floppy disk
  • File compression:
    • Stuffit or PKZip self-extracting archives of either Windows or Machintosh operating systems
File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

FTP is the preferred method of transferring files electronically.

Using an FTP client is the most stable means for FTP transmission.
Use the following client set up:

Location: explorer.aapg.org
User name or ID: explorer
Password: exp397
Directory: /advertising

If using an Internet browser use the following FTP set up:

url: ftp://explorer:[email protected]/advertising
User name or ID: explorer
Password: exp397

Drag and drop your files into the resulting window. You will not see any other files in this window.

Upon uploading files let us know via e-mail how to identify them.

Files may be attached to emails as long as the file is under 10 MB in size. Anything over 10 MB is rejected by AAPG's e-mail system. Please either send a confirming e-mail without attachments or contact AAPG to verify receipt of your file(s). Compressing the file before attaching it to an e-mail will help.

NOTE: In all cases, a hard copy proof of your advertisement is required.


Contact publisher for rates, production schedule.

Issuance and Closing Dates

Issuance: 1st of each month

Closing Dates: 1st of the second month preceding publication (i.e., January closes November 1.)

Materials Deadline : 8th of the second month preceding publication (i.e., January materials due November 8.)

Publisher reserves the right to reject ad cancellation requests.

Late Copy

Advertiser assumes full responsibility for errors or reproduction problems on any material received after normal closing date.

Mailing Instructions

All advertising contracts, insertion orders, correspondence, proofs, copy and complete advertising material should be mailed to:

DEG Environmental Geosciences
c/o Steve Praytor
P.O. Box 979
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74101-0979

Street address:
1444 S. Boulder Ave
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74119-3604

FAX: (918) 560-2636
Phone: (918) 560-2647
Toll Free: 1-800-288-7636 (U.S. and Canada)