Harrison Schmitt Award

The Harrison Schmitt Award recognizes individuals or organizations that, for a variety of reasons, do not qualify for other Association honors or awards. The recipient is not required to be an AAPG member.



Kirsten Siebach 2023


Mark Kirschbaum


Fred W. Schroeder, PhD

Ned R. Timbel

Marguerite Timbel


Edward A. Merewether


Zhongjian Qiu

Julia Gardner


William Aubrey Cobban

Gary Barchfeld


Anita G. Harris


Martin G. Lockley

George B. Asquith


Jill Stevens


Anthony George Dore (for his published contributions and analysis on the tectonic history, geology and petroleum systems, of the northeast Atlantic margin; for his "influential' leadership in working to bridge industry and academia; and for being "an enlightened" senior manager who has influenced his company to embrace new geological play concepts and technology)

Myron (Mike) K. Horn (for development of four global databases that are significant parts of the GIS-UDRIL project)


George P. Mitchell

Robert William Allen


Akif Ali Narimanov

Alexei Emili Kontorovich, PhD


Nikolai V. Lopatin (for recognizing his lifelong contribution to petroleum geochemistry and establishing some of the most important principles of petroleum maturation and migration).

Steven Loring Veal (for contributing to the AAPG over the past two decades, including service to HoD, DEG, Conventions and the Executive Committee).


Marcus Eugene Milling, PhD (posthumously) (for leading the American Geological Institute to national prominence in earth science education, public geoscience outreach and government relations)

Richard Dale Fritz (for visionary leadership and stalwart management of AAPG's scientific and business activities)


Roy Helge Gabrielsen (for leadership of academic and industrial petroleum research)

Jordi Ferrer Modolell (for efforts to improve international communications)


John Willis Gibson, Jr. (for his contribution to AAPG's legacy on ethics as well as his passion for the science of geology, and for his genuine love of people and sense of humor that melts boundaries and borders)


Dietrich H. Welte (for contributions in petroleum geochemistry and numerical modeling of petroleum systems)


Waverly Person (for contributions to the field of earthquake studies and establishment of the National Earthquake Information Center)


Emmanuel V. Tamesis, PhD (for contributions to the education of geologists and for achievements in Philippine petroleum exploration)


J. C. Gallagher (posthumously) (for the successful evolution of the International Pavillion)

Kenneth Dale Owen (for their efforts in restoring the 19th century New Harmony scientific community in Indiana)

David L. Rice (for their efforts in restoring the 19th century New Harmony scientific community in Indiana)

Richard Warren (for his commitment to the oil industry while facing personal affliction with fortitude)


William Theodore Smith (for outstanding achievment as a working petroleum geologist and oil industry executive)

Arthur Randolph Green (for visionary work to develop integrated geoscience and commitment to deliver these products to the geoscience community)


Isaac J. Crumbly (for leadership in creating a technical workforce for the nation's energy industry)

Sarah G. Stanley (for leadership in the development of public centers for workstation training)


Fred A. Dix, Jr. (for dedicated leadership of the AAPG from 1973 to 1996)


Robert E. Megill (for showing petroleum geologists how to express their ideas and cope with their science through the use of petroleum economics)

Marsha Barber (for development of K-12 curricula and teacher training to improve public understanding of energy issues)

Eugene M. Shoemaker (for transforming meteor impacts into an accepted geologic process with implications for terrestrial geology and evolution)

Paul G. Benedum, Jr. (for leadership of the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation)


(for paleoecological studies of Permian Reef complex of W. Texas and organic evolution)

Wesley Gerald Bruer (for adding Oregon to the list of producing states with the 1979 discovery of the 70 bcf Mist gas field)


James Wood Clarke, PhD (for English translation/publication of geological information from Soviet Union and Russia)


Norman H. Foster (for work on the Treatise of Petroleum Geology)

Edward Arthur Beaumont (for work on the Treatise of Petroleum Geology)


John Frank Bookout, Jr. (for excellence in exploration leadership)


Conrad Schlumberger (posthumously) (for development of electrical logging)

Marcel Schlumberger (posthumously) (for development of electrical logging)


Harrison Hagan Schmitt (for lunar exploration)

Presentation of Harrison Schmitt Award to Edward Merewether at the Opening Session, Annual Convention & Exhibition in San Antonio, Texas on May 19, 2019.
Presentation of Harrison Schmitt Awards to George Mitchell and Robert Allen at the Opening Session, Annual Convention & Exhibition in New Orleans, Louisiana on April 11, 2010.
Examples of Past Awards

Examples of such awards are those given to Conrad and Marcel Schlumberger (posthumously) for their development of the electrical log, to Harrison Schmitt for his contribution as the first geologist to land on the moon and study its geology, to John Bookout for “excellence in exploration leadership;” and to Norman Foster and Ted Beaumont for the “Treatise of Petroleum Geology.”

Procedure for Recommendation

Nominations for this award should be submitted, along with documentation, to the Chairman of the Honors and Awards Committee at Association Headquarters. In the event that the Honors and Awards Committee and Advisory Council are not able to take action on the recommendation in a timely fashion, it will be referred directly to the Executive Committee of the Association for action.

Description of Award

This award is a plaque with the AAPG medallion and a plate bearing the name of the award, recipient’s name, the date and citation.


In 2011 the name of the award was changed from the Special Award to the Harrison Schmitt Award.


The AAPG provides funding for the Harrison Schmitt Award.

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