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Honors and Awards

This year we offer a new way to recognize AAPG’s best of the best: The 2020 AAPG Honors and Awards video, an official video celebrating recipients for the past year, can be found above.

The 2020 awards video was produced to recreate the AAPG awards ceremony, which historically is a popular part of the opening session at AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibitions. The 2020 ACE, originally slated for Houston, was postponed in May due to the coronavirus pandemic and rescheduled as an online virtual event.

Please enjoy in its entirety this celebration of those receiving AAPG awards for 2020, or follow links below to jump directly to an award section of choice.

00:00 Mike Party Introduction

02:55 Awards Start

04:00 AGI Marcus Milling Legendary Geoscientist Medal

07:05 AAPG House Of Delegates

08:40 Honorary Member of the House

09:55 Best Technical Presentation Awards

15:55 AAPG Service Awards

20:00 Public Service Awards

26:00 Robert R. Berg Outstanding Research Award

27:08 Norman H. Foster Explorer Award

28:40 AAPG Honorary Membership

30:30 L. Austin Weeks Memorial Medal

33:50 Michel T. Halbouty Outstanding Leadership Award

42:25 Sidney Powers Memorial Award

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