The author(s) is responsible for obtaining permission to use previously published illustrations. A letter of permission from the copyright holder must be submitted with the manuscript before editing begins.

For a form to assist you in getting permission to use illustrations or data from another publisher, download the Permissions Template (PDF).


AAPG obtains copyright of both print and digital/electronic ownership from most authors of articles and books published by AAPG. If any material requested was reprinted by AAPG with the permission of another publisher, it is the responsibility of those requesting permission to obtain permission from that original publisher.

Authors wishing to use AAPG copyrighted material within work being published by AAPG are not subject to fees nor do they need to seek permission from AAPG; however, it is the responsibility of authors to provide proper citation. Permission without a fee is granted to AAPG authors who wish to republish portions of their own work as long as AAPG copyright credit is given. For both instances please refer below to “Condition of Grant of Permission.”

If you want to use a single figure, a brief paragraph, or a single table from an AAPG publication in a paper in another publication, AAPG considers this to be fair usage, and you need no formal permission. In that case, you should print a copy of this web page and present it to your publisher. You are, however, required to provide proper citation.

Authorization for additional copies of items copyrighted by AAPG in any form, hardcopy, digital/electronic scanning or other digital transformation into computer-readable and/or transmittable form, for personal or corporate use is granted provided the appropriate fee is paid directly to the Copyright Clearance Center, 222 Rosewood Drive, Danvers, Massachusetts 01923 / For circumstances occurring outside authorization of Copyright Clearance Center, contact AAPG Permissions at [email protected].

CONDITION OF GRANT OF PERMISSION: As a condition of the grant of permission contained under the single use only or multiple item usage, AAPG requires

  1. a full citation in your bibliography for each AAPG publication from which a table or figure of text is taken;
  2. in figure and title captions a statement or citation including the author, identification of the AAPG publication from which the figure or table was taken; and
  3. you must use the identical copyright notice as it appears in our publication; i.e. “AAPG ©[year], and the phrase “reprinted by permission of the AAPG whose permission is required for further use”.

As a condition of grant of permission when citing an Internet or web page AAPG source:

    1. Full citation in bibliography as listed below: author name(s), year of publication or last revision (if known), title of document, title of complete work (if applicable), date of access (accessed January 1, 1998), URL, in angle brackets (underlined if hypertext). Example: Behl, R. J., 2012, The Monterey Formation of California: New research directions: AAPG Search and Discovery article 10435, accessed January 10, 2018,
    2. you must use the identical copyright notice as in (3) above.

    In all cases where permission is granted it is non-exclusive and for one-time use only.

    Requests and fees should be sent to:

    Copyright Clearance Center
    222 Rosewood Drive
    Danvers, Massachusetts 01923