Robert R. Berg Outstanding Research Award

The Robert R. Berg Outstanding Research Award is given in recognition of a singular achievement in petroleum geoscience research. It is ranked beneath Norman H. Foster Outstanding Explorer Award and above the Distinguished Service Award. Up to two awards can be given in any calendar year.



Thomas Edward Ewing, PhD

Amy D. Fox


Lesli Joy Wood, PhD

Charles Kerans


Eric Barrier

Marie-Francoise Brunet

Alexei V. Milkov


Daniele Colombo


Kurt J. Marfurt, PhD


Carlo Doglioni

Mark G. Rowan


Julie Ann LeFever


Quinn R. Passey, PhD

Michael Donald Lewan, PhD


Kitty Lou Milliken, PhD

Mark D. Zoback, PhD


Robert G. Loucks

Kevin M. Bohacs


Ronald Alan Nelson

Rick Frederick Sarg, PhD


Henry William Posamentier


Ole J. Martinsen


Martin P. A. Jackson, PhD


Bradford Eugene Prather

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The recipient does not need to be an AAPG member. The recipient must be living at the time of selection and be willing to be present to receive the award at the time and place designated by the Executive Committee, normally at the Annual Convention.

Guidelines for Consideration of Candidates

Candidates for this award should have distinguished themselves with one or more advancements in the field of petroleum geoscience. The advancement(s) could be in the form of: proving, developing or advancing a theory; demonstrating a new approach to solving a problem; developing a new methodology or technology; application of existing theories, concepts, approaches, methodology or technology to increased exploration or production of hydrocarbon resources.

Procedure for Recommendation

Nominations for this award should be submitted, along with documentation, to the Chairman of the Honors and Awards Committee at Association Headquarters. The committee’s recommendations will be submitted to the Advisory Council, which in turn will submit its selection to the Executive Committee for final action.

Description of Award

This award is a plaque containing a sketch of Robert R. Berg along with the recipient’s name and citation for distinguished contribution to advancement of petroleum geoscience.


The award was established by Executive Committee action in 2006, and it was first awarded in 2008.


Funding for the award is provided through the AAPG Foundation Awards Fund through generous contributions received by Robert R. Berg’s many friends and colleagues.

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