How to Apply

DPA is involved with the certification of petroleum geologists, coal geologists and petroleum geophysicists with the improvement of all AAPG members' professional well-being.

Certification as a petroleum geologist (CPG), a coal geologist (CCG) or a petroleum geophysicist requires a special application and is not automatic with membership in AAPG. For more information regarding DPA membership.

DPA also offers the ‘Provisional’ membership option for those who do not yet meet the experience requirement for certification. This classification allows you to become familiar with the purpose of the Division and the contributions it makes to the AAPG.

Members who have not been a part of DPA can join as New DPA Applicant.

Members who have previously been a part of DPA can reinstate their DPA membership through DPA Reinstate.

  • Petroleum Geologist Certification - Annual Dues $50
  • Coal Geologist Certification - Annual Dues $50
  • Petroleum Geophysicist Certification - Annual Dues $50
  • Provisional Membership - Annual Dues $25


About DPA

Headquarters Contacts

Susan Nash
Susan Nash Director, Innovation and Emerging Science and Technology, AAPG +1 405 314 7730