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AAPG Asia Pacific is proud to announce two new AAPG Asia Pacific Presents talks, featuring Catalina Luneburg and Mark Tingay.

AAPG Asia Pacific Presents is a collection of online presentations being offered free of charge. The 60-90 minute sessions will be conducted through Zoom, and will be followed by a short Q&A period, handled by a moderator. To register for one or both of these talks, click on the link(s) below. Registrations will be accepted on a first-come basis.

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I am excited to take on the role of Asia-Pacific Region President and for the opportunity to help move AAPG forward through these challenging times. The world has been shaken by the huge impacts of COVID-19, and our industry and our members have been particularly hard hit by the associated economic downturn. It is in times like these that I feel the AAPG can do its utmost for its members and our scientific community. Sadly, it will likely be a while before AAPG Asia-Pacific can hold face-to-face workshops again, as it has done so successfully in the past. However, the pandemic that is keeping so many of us working at home, and away from our colleagues and friends, is also allowing us to bring geoscientists closer together through virtual events.

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