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From 30 November till 2 December 2020, Trisakti University in Indonesia will present "Geological Excursion, Seminar, and Implemented Competitions (GRANITE) 2020”. Virtual activities will include geological excursions, seminars and implemented competitions.
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From basic inspection to maintenance, predicting the corrosion in production pipelines, study production history and history matching in reservoir analysis or even predicting geomechanical parameters for new wells in the same field for drilling programs in exploration, artificial intelligence has all that potential to be adapted in order to enhance the qualities of the oil and gas industry in every particular sector mentioned above or even beyond. In countries especially Asian countries like Indonesia which have a relatively high human population, the demands of energy will keep on rising dynamically with the development of technology and globalization. This situation we are facing would eventually need more efficacy to reach those numbers of demands on energy.

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