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Technical Interest Groups (TIGs)

Technical Interest Groups (TIG) are designed to grow and deepen community with AAPG by focusing on technical topics of interest and creating opportunities for AAPG members to engage with each other to address these topics.TIGs are free to join for all AAPG members and non-members alike.

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Surface Geochemistry
Best practices and technologies, including theory of vertical migration, optimal sampling methods, caveats, statistical analysis of data, radiometrics, iodine, soil gas, petroleum fluorescence, microbial, XRF and trace metals to locate areas of micro-seepage. Steve Tedesco - s.a.tedesco14@runningfoxes.com
Reservoir Revitalization
New techniques, products, and technologies for revitalizing reservoirs and finding financing. Bill Fairhurst - bfairhurst@riverford-resources.com
Reservoir Development
To support, promote, and disseminate knowledge about best practices and emerging technologies for reservoir development from a wide array of reservoirs Sochi Iwuoha sochi.iwuoha@mail.com
Provide a platform for petrophysics as an integrated discipline of AAPG, with interdisciplinary knowledge sharing and keeping up with petrophysical innovation Matt Boyce / Kiran Garwankar matt_boyce@swn.com
Petroleum Economics
Produced Water Solutions
PSGD-Permian Basin Structure and Geomechanics
Mega Giant Field Classification
Sequence Stratigraphy
Shale Plays
Triggered and Induced Seismicity
Playmaker to Bulletin Article TIG
Astrogeology: Eclipses and Planetary Knowledge
Bill Ambrose
CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery
Best practices and emerging technologies for economically recovering oil using CO2 enhanced oil recovery methods. Jesse Garnett White / Mike Raines
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