Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) Technical Interest Group (TIG)

Best practices and emerging technologies for economically recovering oil using CO2 enhanced oil recovery methods.
CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery
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0 Replies and 747 Views Read This First!      747  0 Started by  Bogdan Michka Welcome to AAPG N.E.T., an online space where you can Network, Engage and Talk. Please complete the following steps before you begin interacting with the discussion boards: 1. Take time to review your profile and privacy settings, paying attention to your display name and photo, as they will be used to identify your posts. 2. Read the Discussion Boards FAQ page to learn the rules and get familiar with the features: — pa...
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09 May 2017 03:21 PM
1 Replies and 189 Views Collaboration Space, spun off of the 9/15/2021 CCUS for Independents Webinar  189  1 Started by  Mike Raines The CCUS TIG and the Deep Learning / Data Analytics / Machine Learning TIG joined forces earlier this week to present on the topics of CO2 Operations (in General) and what new resources are available for independents to use to help find CCUS (or CCS) opportunities. See the related Collaboration Space Challenge linked there. We will be adding information to the Xranthus platform soon.
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23 Sep 2021 09:18 AM
0 Replies and 181 Views CCUS Webinar 09.15.2021  181  0 Started by  Patrick Ng Update - webinar has been moved to 09.15.2021 under AAPG Academy sponsored by IHS-Markit. Watch out for AAPG email on 'An “Independent” Look at CCUS Opportunities' in your Inbox. *** original post *** AAPG has success in Pivot 2021 Series, measured by attendance and credit to Susan Nash's relentless effort, we at Energy in Data (AAPG-SEG-SPE sponsored totally digital platform) will be doing a webinar on CCUS. Michael Raines (one of the leaders of this section) will deliver hi...
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13 Jul 2021 03:51 PM
0 Replies and 142 Views Delivering Energy Transition with CCUS  142  0 Started by  Patrick Ng SPE live* 06.22.2021 Delivering the Energy Transition through CCUS and Hydrogen Takeaway - Energy transition is not just about us, the industry. It is what we transition into. So what will change the game 1. Bring everyone to the sandbox 2. Change the business model Perspective - CCUS projects execution boils down to a real estate challenge, just as oil and gas. Open the door for everyone, citizens and communities alike, and lower the barri...
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28 Jun 2021 03:28 PM
1 Replies and 509 Views Interview with Mike Stephenson -- Decarbonization, Hydrogen Storage, CCUS  509  1 Started by  Susan Nash Here is the full interview:
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30 Mar 2021 05:46 PM
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