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You can renew membership if you are a current member by selecting option 1. If you want to know more about our membership types you can learn about them first by selecting option 2. Join as a Member, Associate, or Student and submit your annual dues payment along with the application material by selecting option 3. [see the additional option as a student before making your selection]. Reinstate your membership if it has gone Inactive also by selecting option 3. If you are a Student enrolled at a university that wishes to join you may choose to have your membership dues sponsored while you are pursuing your studies thanks to Chevron by selecting option 4. As always if you have any question about choosing the option for you please contact customer service.

Please choose the proper option below:

1. Pay Dues/Renew

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3. Join AAPG, Reinstate Membership or Transfer to Member

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2. Membership Types

Student – $10 per year
Associate – $125 per year
Member – $125 per year

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4. Continue Student (Chevron) Application Process

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Your student membership dues are eligible for Chevron sponsorship.

For applicants in Applicant-Applicant status only. All others please use option 3
This option sunsets on May 1st, 2022

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