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You’ve graduated.
Now what?

Now you need AAPG more than ever…and vice versa! By continuing with your AAPG membership you can begin to learn the skills and information invaluable to your career. You know, the stuff you don’t learn in the classroom. A few options are available to you.

You can apply for Member level if you hold at least bachelor’s degree in the geological sciences and a minimum of one years’ experience in the professional practice or teaching of geology…so yes, working as a teaching assistant can count!

If you are struggling to foot the bills just after graduation, you can consider using the student-YP bridge, which allow you to continue on a student member at a $10 membership fee for a further two years. Chevron will no longer sponsor you though!

Also enquire with your employer to find out whether your company sponsors your membership. A lot of them do!

Tap into the Young Professional network.

The committee has launched an AAPG Young Professionals Facebook site through which you may connect with others who are starting their careers and meet others who may have a few years experience. These members still remember the uncertainty and excitement when they were first out of school and they are ready to help!

While on Facebook also have a look at the AAPG group that more and more members of AAPG are tapping into. Here more “seasoned” members are actively following wall postings and will chime in when they have a word of advice to send your direction or just plain fun to brighten the day.

You can also check out whether there is a YP Chapter in the location where you will be starting – or have already started – your new job.

AAPG is much more than a stepping-stone to your first job. It offers a lifetime venue for developing networks and business contacts, finding people to mentor and advise, and stay in touch with people you met while a student.

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Region YoungPros Lead

Ademola Lanisa Reservoir Geophysicist TOTAL S.A., EP/EXPLO/AF/NGGC, Pau, France

Region Office Contacts

Leah Williams
Leah Williams Events Manager - Middle East, Africa & Asia Pacific
Cora Navarro
Cora Navarro Marketing Manager - Middle East, Africa & Asia Pacific +971 505026062

Headquarters Contacts

Martin Jonathan Oviedo
Martin Oviedo Co-Chair Exploration Geologist, Karoon Energy 005116318181 0051986634472
Heather Hodges
Heather Hodges Programs Coordinator, AAPG +1 918-560-2621
Susie Nolen
Susie Nolen Programs Team Leader, AAPG +1 918 560-2634