The following list of Visiting Geoscientists include some biographical information, topics they may speak about and, as available, titles and abstracts of talks they have given or are prepared to give. Included also are the geographical areas in which they are available. Since the Visiting Geoscientist or his employer pays travel expenses, the likelihood of acquiring a speaker who is located near your institution is the greatest. 


Visiting Geoscientists

Rockhopper Exploration
Travel Limits: Egypt
  • Egypt Petroleum Industry and Basic Economics
  • Petroleum Agreements
Abreu Consulting and Training, Consultant, Houston, Texas
Travel Limits: Latin America and Caribbean Region, Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe and North America
  • A Simplified Guide For Sequence Stratigraphy: Nomenclature, Definitions and Method
  • Deep Water Stratigraphic Traps: A Risky But Highly Rewarding Global Play Type
  • Recent Advances in Deep Water Depositional Models: Impact From Exploration to Production
DextolGb Geophysicals
Travel Limits: Africa
  • Short Course/Workshop: Software Efficacy – Comparison between Software and Manual Analysis of a Seismic Refraction Survey Data
  • Living Geosciences: If you are convicted for being a Geoscientist, will there be enough evidence to arraign you in Court?
  • Niceties of Making the Best out of University as a Geosciences Student.
Pakistan Petroleum Ltd
Travel Limits: Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Iraq
  • Business of Exploration & Production in the 21st Century
  • Play Fairway and CRS Mapping for Play-Based Exploration
  • Prospect Generation in Structural and Stratigraphic Plays and Probabilistic Resource Assessment
  • Well Logs and Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy
Travel Limits: Africa
  • Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators: Representations on Seismic Sections and Applications to Opportunity Identification
  • Drillwell Opportunity Generation
  • Geologic Cross Sections and Contouring
  • Integrated Seismic Interpretation
  • Sedimentation Concepts and Structural Styles in Petroleum Exploration and Exploitation
  • Understanding the Upstream Oil and Gas Business
Saudi Aramco
Travel Limits: Middle East
Saudi Aramco, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
Travel Limits: Middle East
  • Why there is so much oil in the Middle East?
AAPG Latin America & Caribbean Region
E&P Consultant, Lima, Perú
Travel Limits: Peru
  • Basic concepts for Oil and Gas Exploration
  • Working in mature fields, a real challenge
Travel Limits: Unlimited
  • Six Be's for a Successful Career - An Ethics Talk
  • 'Sweet Spot' Identification & Optimization in unconventional Reservoirs
  • Ten Steps to Successful Exploration & Development
Travel Limits: Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific, and Latin America
  • Basics of Pore Pressure and Fracture Gradient and It's importance in Well Design
  • Geomechanics
  • Wellbore Stability
Saudi Aramco
Travel Limits: Middle East, North Africa
  • "I can't believe my eyes!"....and nine other things I've shouted during my career in Geoscience
  • Allochthonous deposition driven by internal solitary waves: an overlooked exploration play
  • Five reasons the United States needs a Comprehensive National Energy Policy right now
Self-employed consulting petroleum geologist
Travel Limits: Continental
Schlumberger PetroTechnical Services
Travel Limits: Iraq
  • Borehole Images and Applications
  • Carbonates Reservoir Characterization
  • Formation Evaluation & Well Logging
  • Structural Geology Applications in E&P
Travel Limits: Latin America Region (Northern South America and Southern South America)
  • Geological Characterization in Deep Water System Settings, an Example from the Colombian Caribbean
  • Structural Observations in the Guajira Offshore Sedimentary Basin of Colombia, Implications for the Tectonic Evolution of Northern South America
Travel Limits: Caribbean and Northern South America
  • Stratigraphic Units in the North Marine Area, How Are They Defined? and What is the Nature of the Contacts Between Them?
  • Structural and Stratigraphic Evolution of the North Marine Area, Gulf of Paria, Trinidad, Since the Pliocene
  • Use of Biostratigraphy and 3D Seismic to Reinterpret Depositional Environments of the Lower Cruse in the Southern Basin of Trinidad
Travel Limits: Peru
  • Hydrocarbon Potential in the Offshore Basins of Peru
  • Hydrocarbon Potential of Marañon Basin
  • Potential of deeper reservoir in Marañon Basin
Repsol, New Ventures Division
Travel Limits:
  • From Basin to Prospect: The Steps Before Entering a Bidding Round
  • Opportunities for a Geologist in the Oil Industry
  • The Importance of Risk Analysis and the Evaluation of the Bidding Round History in Brazil
Apache Egypt, Cairo, Egypt
Travel Limits: Egypt
  • Apache on the E&P Industry: Petroleum System
Travel Limits: London, International
  • What lies beneath us… and how we know! (Broad introduction to geophysics – From acquisition to interpretation).
  • Peak Oil? Does it exist and implication for future Geoscientists (modified version of speech given by Dr. Daly at Geological Soc. Bicentennial
  • Planning and drilling a successful well (overview of the planning stage and the operations for drilling a successful well)
  • Role of a Geoscientist: From Exploration to Development. (Evolution of Geoscientists role as the field progresses from exploration to appraisal to development and production)
Shell Malaysia, Principle Exploration Geologists
Travel Limits: Asia Pacific
  • Applied Sedimentology and Field Studies
  • Basin Evolution and Sedimentation of NE or NW Sabah
  • Structural Evolution of NW Borneo. Fieldtrip Leader - Deltaic, Shallow Marine and Deep Water Depositional System and Reservoir Distribution.
  • Tectonic Evolution and Sedimentation NW Borneo
  • Tectonic Evolution of SE Asia
  • Tectonostratigraphy of North Borneo
Detring Energy Advisors, Houston
Travel Limits: Gulf Coast section with limited availability Nationwide USA
  • Being a Leader
  • How to Stand Out in a Down Market
  • How You Will Change the World
Apache Corporation
Travel Limits: Egypt
  • Apache on the E&P Industry: Trap types in West Kalabsha area, Faghur basin, Egypt
Nigerian Agip Oil Company Ltd.
Travel Limits: Nigeria
  • Dealing with Risk and Uncertainty in Hydrocarbon Exploration
  • Exploration Geologist: Developing the Core Competencies
  • Is the Fault Sealing?
  • The Exploration Cycle – Play to Prospect
Anschutz Exploration Corporation
Travel Limits: Western U.S.
  • Defining the Updip Eastern Limit of Commercial Bakken Oil Production, McLean and Dunn Counties, North Dakota (from 2012)
  • From Exploration to Economics: A Case Study of Tight Gas Sands and Fractured Volcanics of the Surat Basin, Australia
  • If You Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail – Field Development Planning for an LNG Project
Windridge Oil & Gas GP LLC, Boerne, TX, USA
Travel Limits: Nationwide USA
  • Eagle Ford Development Case Study Utilizing 3D Seismic in Structurally Complex Area, Atascosa County, Texas
Husky Energy
Travel Limits: Canada, Latin America
  • Working in a diverse team
  • Working with conventional carbonate reservoirs
Apache Egypt Companies, Cairo, Egypt
Travel Limits: North Africa
  • The Future of the Oil and Gas Industry in North Africa and Some Thoughts about Future Employment
  • The Tectonostratigraphic Evolution of the Red Sea Basin – Insights to Hydrocarbon Prospectivity?
Brett Exploration, LLC
Travel Limits: North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific
  • Application of an OCGS Presentation results in economic production
  • Declared your major during a boom and graduating during a bust? Been there/Done that
  • So you want to be an Independent?
HighPoint Resources, Denver, Colorado, USA
Travel Limits: North America
  • A Geothermal Future for Subsurface Skills
  • Combining Geoscience Knowledge with Data Science: Python, R, SQL, and Data in the Real World
  • Moving Beyond Petroleum Systems to Fluid Systems
  • Oil & Gas, Environmental Consulting, Minerals, and Geothermal: A Career Journey in Subsurface Resources
  • Understanding Subsurface Rock & Fluids with Geochemistry
Chevron, Bakersfield, California, United States
Travel Limits: Pacific Section, Las Vegas area
  • Are Unconventionals Becoming the 'New Conventionals"?
  • Brownfield Geology: Are There New Opportunities Within?
  • Conducting A Basin Evaluation w/ Limited Data: A Primer for Starting the IBA
  • Life/Career Options After School: What to Expect in a Boom-Bust Environment
  • Various Topics from Development Geology to Exploration
I2M Associates, LLC
Travel Limits: Nationwide USA, International
  • Nuclear Power Post Fukushima and Energy Selection
  • Social Opposition to Natural Resource Mining
  • Uranium Exploration and Mining throughout the World
Independent Consultant
Travel Limits: Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe, Middle East, North America, Latin America
  • Geophysical Societies: Their role in the Development of Geosciences
  • New Exploration Frontiers in the Latin American Region
  • Seismic Exploration and the Environment
Travel Limits:
  • How AAPG Involvement Equals to Career Success
  • How to Make the Best Out of a Career in Petroleum Geology
  • My IBA Journey from Prague to Denver
Independent Consultant
Travel Limits: Asia Pacific - Singapore
  • Exploration – Introduction to Petroleum Geology
  • Introduction to Petrophysics
  • Introduction to Prospect Risking and Ranking
  • Introduction to Seismic and Prospect Mapping
Exploration Strategies & Professional Families, Eni Upstream & Technical Services, Milan, Italy
Travel Limits:
  • Global Climate, The Dawn of Life and the World's Oldest Petroleum Systems
  • How We Won the Wars! The Geology and History of Britian's First Oil Fields
  • It's Just a Question of Finding Enough Barrels - The Definition, History and Mythology of the Barrel of Oil
  • The Palaeobilogy and Geochemistry of Precambrian Source Rocks
Vermilion Energy Central & Eastern Europe
Travel Limits: Europe
  • How to build a beneficial Student Chapter
  • Inert gas risk and basin modelling in the Danube Basin
  • Petroleum systems of the Pannonian Basin
Indogeo Social Enterprise, Jakarta, Indonesia
Travel Limits: Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia
  • Career in Petroleum Geology - Preparation for a Job Seeker
  • Comparison of Carbonate Petroleum System in Central and Southeast Asia
  • Petroleum Geology of Southeast Asia
Travel Limits: U.S.A
  • Leveraging Oceanography from Tectonics to Sedimentary Dynamics
  • Leveraging Your Science Degree in the Petroleum Industry
  • My Circuitous Path from Academia to Industry
  • Oceanography Outside an Academic Setting
  • Why Oceanography Matters in Understanding Basin Evolution
Interpreter Geophysicist - Geologist
Travel Limits: Latin America Region, Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe and North America
  • Exploration Geology & Geophysics in Compressive Environments
  • RTM for Complex Geology
  • Seismic Processing in Thrust Belts and Foreland Basins
University of Cairo
Travel Limits: Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Jordan
  • Geological Reservoir Characterization and modeling.
  • Regional geology for petroleum exploration, rift sediments, outcrop analogy for subsurface geology
  • Sequence stratigraphy and sedimentology
C&C Reservoirs, Midland, Texas, USA
Travel Limits: Africa
  • Basic Petroleum Geology
  • Earth Science Career in Nigeria: Opportunities, Challenges and Limitations
  • Hydrocarbon: From Source Rock to the Tank
  • The Search for Oil – The Role of a Geologist
Porto Alegre, Brasil
Travel Limits: Latin America Region
  • Global Warming and the Future of Energy
  • Petroleum Geology
  • Santos Basin, 40 Years from Shallow to Ultradeep Waters
Travel Limits: Europe
  • Life in the Oil Industry
  • Petroleum Exploration and Structural Geology: From Seismic Interpretation to Fracture Modeling
  • The Role of Geologists in the Oil Industry
Council Oak Resources
Travel Limits: Central US
  • Culture of Greatness - Resource Plays and Resourceful People in an Unconventional Downturn
  • Resource Play Scorecard for the Woodford Shale and Comparison to a new Unconventional Play in the Phosphoria Formation in Western Wyoming
  • The Arbuckle Group: Exploring the Great American Carbonate Bank Reservoir
  • Unconventional Resource Potential of the Sunbury Shale, Berea Sandstone, and Antrim Shale in Central Michigan: Anatomy of an Anomaly
Energy Geoscience, Department of Mines and Petroleum, Geological Survey of Western Australia, Perth, Western Australia
Travel Limits:
Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Travel Limits: Latin America, Caribbean, Central America & Mexico, Europe, Northing South America
  • A geologist in each city
  • Antrophocene
  • Oil and Mining Law
  • Women in geosciences
Travel Limits: Utah, Colorado, Wyoming
  •  An Oil and Gas Career Outside of Mainstream Locations (i.e not Houston or Denver)
  • Finding Value in Old Fields (How Do You Take an Asset that is in Decline and Turn It Around)
  • Multi-disciplinary Approach to Field Development...Beyond Engineering and Geoscience—Working in the Rockies, for a Small Company (How to Work with Land, Legal, and Regulatory Folks to Implement Geologic Concepts in the Face of Environmental and Wildlife Constraints in Wyoming)
  • Short Course: Simulation of a tight gas development project—competitive class exercise with mapping, cross sections, and initial well selection, followed by results, and several development drilling phases. All based on actual field data from Wyoming
Staatsolie Maatschappij, Paramaribo, Suriname
Travel Limits: Caribbean, Central America & Mexico, Northern South America, Southern South America
  • Adding new Reserves: Potential of the Jurassic Source Rock in the Guiana Basin
  • Basin Evolution of the Guiana Basin, Case Study based on deeper insights
  • Unlocking a new area: Evaluation of the hydrocarbon potential of the ultra-deep offshore area of Suriname
Casa Exploration
Travel Limits: Nationwide USA, Mexico, Latin America
  • Considerations On Petroleum Exploration
  • Petroleum Geological Considerations Reform
  • Reflections on oil exploration in Mèxico
  • Status of the Mexican Upstream Sector and the Upcoming Energy Reform
  • The Coming Changes in the Mexican Petroleum Industry and their Consequences for North America´s Energy Supply,
  • The Petroleum Exploration and Production in Mexico and the Energy Reform
  • The Play Resources : A new technical concept - Economic Management of unconventional reservoirs
Travel Limits: Inland Northwest including California, Oregon, Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington; Twin Cities, Minnesota area; and New York City area
  • Geologic evolution of Northwest South America and its effect on Colombian basins architecture and oil exploration strategies
  • Out into the Surf and Beyond: The Why, How and Where of Offshore Oil Exploration from Bristol Bay to Point Loma from the 1890's to the 1980's
  • The Quest from Shallow Shelf to Deepwater in Latin America: How We Got Where We Are, Where We Are Going
Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Travel Limits: China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, UAE, Pakistan, Iran, Oman, Jordan
  • Discuss exploration and technologies used in Central Asia, Siberia, Middle East, and and Southeast Asia; and guidance for career paths.
Skybattle Resources Ltd., Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Travel Limits: Canada
  • Hydrocarbon Exploration in the Canadian Arctic: Past, Present and Future
  • Observations on Exploration and Explorers with an example from Recent Exploration Success in Canada's Arctic Frontier Regions
  • An Overview of Exploration, Operations and Social License for the Canol Oil Shale Play, Central Mackenzie Valley, Northwest Territories, Canada
  • Expectations and Aspirations of Young Professionals in the Energy Industry
BP Alaska
Travel Limits: Eastern Section
  • AAPG Student Expo Success
  • The Ups and Downs of Geosteering…the Software, Tools and Triumphs
  • To Get a Master's Degree or Not
Hollrah Exploration Co.
Travel Limits: Central USA
  • How to Read & Interpret Oilfield Drilling Reports
  • How to Read & Interpret Oilfield Scout Tickets
Travel Limits: Latin America and Caribbean Region
  • Are you a lumper or a splitter? How not to get lost when doing field work
  • Basic Concepts of Siliclastic Sedimentation
  • The deltaic environment and hydrocarbon formation
Apache Egypt Companies
Travel Limits: Egypt
  • Apache on the E&P Industry: Example from a Petrophysicist
Travel Limits: Canada, USA, Europe, and Africa
  • Demystifying Geological Modelling
  • Geology and Energy Business Strategy
  • Geoscience Careers and Career Evolution
  • International Business and the Energy Industry
  • Introductory Geology
ProGeo Consultants, Calgary, AB, Canada
Travel Limits: Asia Pacific Region
  • Introduction to Sequence Stratigraphy; a Tool to Understand the Petroleum System
  • Sedimentary Basins and their Evolution; a Perspective from Petroleum Exploration and Production
  • Seismic Interpretation and Subsurface Structural Modeling in the Appalachian Fold and Thrust Belt, Atlantic Canada
National Institute of Oil and Gas(INOG)/State University of Rio de Janeiro(UERJ)
Travel Limits: Latin America, Africa (Portuguese speaking countries)
  • Geopolitics of Energy
  • New Geophysics Tools to Revolutionize the Exploration Process
  • Yet-to-Find-Oil Potential of the Brazilian Presalt
Chevron Corporation
Travel Limits: Gulf Coast, Eastern, and Pacific sections
  • Biostratigraphy in the Energy Industry
  • The science embedded in finding oil and gas
Shell Oil
Travel Limits: Nigeria, University of Port Harcourt, University of Benin, University of Lagos
  • Working in a multi-disciplinary team – Making your input count
  • Building Your Network in the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Career development – Standing out
  • Sedimentology as a tool for Field Development Planning
  • The Role of Geoscience in the Oil and Gas industry
  • The use of outcrop data in 3D static model building
Australian School of Petroleum, University of Adelaide, Australia
Travel Limits: Asia/Pacific
  • Carbon Capture & Storage: What are the Big Issues and Opportunities for the Petroleum Industry?
  • CV Preparation and Interview Skills
  • Evaluating Seals in Petroleum Systems
  • Geological Applications of Capillary Pressure: Is There a Future For Professionals In the Petroleum Industry
  • Pore-level Reservoir Characterization
  • Presentation Skills for Students and Young Petroleum Professionals
  • Thinking Like Hydrocarbon
Institute of Geological Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences
Travel Limits: Eastern Europe
  • How to combine research and exploration
  •  Why integrated, geological-geophysical approach to the Earth sciences in general and to petroleum geology in particular is important
  • Why geologists should not be afraid of geophysics
Travel Limits: Namibia and South Africa
  • New Frontier Exploration Targets in a 'Mature' Basin - The Niger Delta Examples
Travel Limits: Texas, West Africa
  • An Overview of the Petroleum systems of the South Atlantic Margin of Africa
  • Deepwater Petroleum Geology
  • Positioning yourself for a viable future in Geoscience
Consulting Geologist
Travel Limits: International
  • Exploration and Development of the Joint Development Area Offshore Gulf of Thailand
Saudi Aramco
Travel Limits: Asia Pacific Region
  • Career in Geosciences
  • Engineering Geology
  • Exploration Geology - Coal, Oil and Gas
Travel Limits:
  • The Jurassic Proximal Carbonate Ramp in the NE Gulf of Mexico: a Setting for Thrombolite Buildups
  • Turbidites and the Deepwater Depositional System - Examples from the Sinú Offshore Basin, Colombia
Travel Limits: Latin America Region, Europe and North America
  • Application of Seismic and Sequence Stratigraphy to Basin Analysis and Petroleum Exploration
  • Exploration Techniques in Frontier Underexplored Basins
  • Multi-Rift Evolution of the Colorado Basin, Offshore Argentina, in the Framework of the Breakup of SW Gondwana
  • The Role of Geologist in the Exploration and Development of Oil and Gas Resources
  • Why You Should Profit the Economic Downturn to Continue Studying
Statoil Department/Division: RD
Travel Limits: Latin America Region, Europe Region
Trident Energy; Non-Executive Director, ATX Energy; Energy Advisor, Warburg Pincus; Executive Advisor, Balex Technologies, Houston, Texas
Travel Limits: Unlimited
Y-TEC, Argentina
Travel Limits: Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Natural Fracture Characterization in Hydrocarbon fields
  • Structural Styles and Hydrocarbon Exploration
Consulting Geologist
Travel Limits: Mexico
  • Regional Geology and Petroleum Habitat of Southeast Mexico
  • Understanding the Formation of the Sierra de Chiapas, Mexico
Rockies Resources, Denver, Colorado
Travel Limits: Rocky Mountain Section, Pacific Coast Section, North Dakota, South Dakota
  • Common Myths and Misconceptions About Getting into and Being Successful in Graduate School and the Petroleum Industry
  • The Three Forks and Pronghorn in McKenzie Co., ND: More than a Simple 'Basin Centered Oil Accumulation'
  • Utilizing Geochemistry in Large-Scale Resource Plays (Example from the Bakken/Three Forks of North Dakota)
Consultant Geologist, Oil and Gas
Travel Limits: Latin America, Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe, North America
  • Unconventional Resources; Gas Shale (Recursos no Convencionales: Gas Shale)
Touchstone Exploration, Fyzabad, Trinidad & Tobago
Travel Limits: Caribbean and Northern South America
  • 4D Understanding of the Evolution of the Penal Barrackpore Anticline, Southern Basin Trinidad
  • Petroleum Geology of the Southeastern Caribbean
  • Structural Restoration of the Jasmine Complex and Implications for Pleistocene Depositional Environment of the Paria Sub-basin, Trinadad
Travel Limits: California, Utah
  • The Pinda Identity Crisis: A Tale of Mixed Carbonates and Clastics, Diagenesis and Syndepositional Salt Tectonics. Meet the Cretaceous Pinda Fm, Block 0, Offshore Angola.
  • Pioneering Women Geoscientists
  • The Other Unconventional Resource: Current Workforce Trends and Retention of Women in the Energy Industry
  • What is a 3D Earth Model and How Certain Are You of That?
Belize Natural Energy Ltd and Xjet Private Aviation Company, Denver, Colorado, USA
Travel Limits: U.S.A., United Kingdom, Ireland, Mexico, Belize, United Arab Emirates
  • Following Your Passion and Doing What You Really Love
  • Importance of a Great Professional Network and Connecting All Around the World
  • Key Steps To a Successful Career You Can Be Proud Of
  • Plate Tectonics and the Role They Play in New Frontier Exploration Plays Around the World
University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland
Travel Limits: Europe
  • Alluvial fans and fluvial fans at the margins of continental sedimentary basins: geomorphic and sedimentological distinction for geo-energy exploration and development
  • Anatomy of coal bearing reservoirs: new insights at regional and reservoir scale form the upper Carboniferous succession in eastern Kentucky
  • Genesis and evolution of the Lusi volcano (East Java) from a seismo-stratigraphic and structural perspective
  • Geothermal exploration in sedimentary basins: challenges and short cuts towards a realistic energy transition pathway
  • The Nile Delta (Egypt) evolution during the Messinian time: new insight froma multidisciplinary approach and implication for petroleum geology
Travel Limits: Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, Montana, California, Nevada, and Idaho
  • Oil and Gas Acquisitions and the Business of Geology
Premier Oilfield Group, Houston, Texas
Travel Limits: USA, UK and Europe
  • 3D Reservoir Modelling Workshop Review
Travel Limits: Gulf Coast Section
  • Computational Seismic Stratigraphy, the Non-Boring Way to do Seismic Interpretation
  • My Work as a Researcher in Austin, TX for Statoil
  • Wheeler Diagrams and Their Use to De-Risk Reservoir Presence
ExxonMobil, Lagos, Nigeria
Travel Limits: Nigeria
  • Seismic Interpretation – Faults and Horizons
  • Cycle of Upstream Business
  • Drill Angles and Formation Dip to True Reservoir Thickness
  • Drillwell Considerations
  • Field Development Concepts
  • Generating Cross Sections
  • Generating Seismogram
  • Petroleum Systems
  • Reservoir Drive Mechanism
  • Time to Depth 12. Assessment – Calculating In-Place and Reserves
  • Trap Analysis, 9. Subsurface Data and Generating Contours
  • Well Log Interpretations and Correlations, 5. Pressure Plots for Fluid Gradients and Types
Travel Limits: Africa, Canada, Europe, Asia Pacific and North America
  • Fundamentals of Formation Evaluation
  • Fundamentals of Sequence Stratigraphy
  • Requisite Non-Technical Skills for Career Success in the Upstream Industry
  • Understanding the Upstream Business
Pacific Rubiales Energy
Travel Limits: Latin America Region
  • Advance Petroleum Geology Course
  • Seismic Interpretation Course
  • Seismic Tours by the main Colombian Sedimentary Basins
Shell Oil, Miri, Malaysia
Travel Limits: Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, China, India, South East Asia
  • Maximizing Value of Information of Poor Quality Seismic
  • Ocean Bottom Cable Technology for Acquiring High-res Seismic Data
  • Seismic Interpretation in a Structurally Complex Basin
  • Understanding Seismic Attributes
University of Leeds
Travel Limits: Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North America
  • Bathymetric Controls on Deep-Water Sedimentary Systems
  • From Industry to Academia: Incorporating Academic Findings into Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production
  • The Magdalena Fan, Considerations on Reservoir Architecture and Distribution
Karoon Australian Company
Travel Limits: Peru
  • Climate change
  • Regional geology, tectonics and sedimentary basins of Peru
Target OFS
Travel Limits: Middle East, Europe
  • Image Logs Examples and Applications
Outsource Petrophysics, Inc
Travel Limits: Upper Midwest, US
  • Energy independence - a myth or a reality?
  • What can you expect from a career in the oil industry? A 35-year perspective.
  • Everything you wanted to know about petrophysics but were afraid to ask
West Virginia University Research Corp
Travel Limits: West Virginia
  • Geology and Production Potential of the Marcellus and Utica Black Shales
Gran Tierra Energy Peru s.r.l.
Travel Limits: Latin America
  • Role of a Geoscientist in society: what are our responsibilities in society and were we add value. Ethics and values.
  • Technical Consistency Key for Exploration Portfolio Management
KP Group of Companies
Travel Limits: Latin America
  • How to look for Gas and Oil
  • Petroleum Geology and Geochemistry of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Petroleum Prospects of Trinidad and Tobago
BP Gulf of Mexico
Travel Limits: East Coast Section, Colorado, Gulf Coast Section, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Connecticut
  • Introduction to Deepwater Oil and Gas
  • Energy - Careers in Geoscience
  • Operations Geology – Onshore Drilling
Travel Limits: Nigeria, Africa
  • 3D Static Reservoir Modelling Workflow
  • The Role of an Operations Geologist in the Oil and Gas Industry
Central European Petroleum Ltd.
Travel Limits: Canada, U.S.A.
  • Big picture financial literacy as it relates to understanding one's work.
  • Conversations: Emerging opportunities in Germany and some geopolitical implications
  • Environmental stewardship from the perspective of a geoscience employee of a resource company.
  • Technical aspects of Canada's bitumen-bearing sands and carbonates.
  • The changing (ie, diminishing) importance of exploration (as opposed to development) as a career option for many new hires.
  • The continuing importance of field work in understanding petroleum systems, opportunities, and developments.
  • The pains, rewards and requirements of working internationally.
  • The practical importance of participation within technical and scientific societies.
  • Working with engineers.
Pertamina, Jakarta, Indonesia
Travel Limits: Indonesia, Southeast Asia, China, Asia Pacific
  • Organization & Career Talk: Catch Our Success by Build Professional Attitude
  • Organization & Career Talk: Nothing Wrong to be a Yes Man
  • Sharing Session & Forum Discussion: "(Sometimes) Our Job is not Your Career"
  • Short Course & Workshop: "Basic Petroleum G&G"
Ecopetrol, S.A., Bogotá, Colombia
Travel Limits: Colombia
  • Offshore Exploration in frontier provinces (Colombia)
  • Offshore Exploration in frontier provinces (Colombia)
  • Professional careers in the petroleum industry for geoscientists
  • Switch Documentary Forum
Travel Limits: Brazil
  • My paths and adventures during a career in Petroleum Geology. 
Independent Consultant
Travel Limits: Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Drilling and Managing Cores at the Field and in the Labs
  • Importance of Bedded Calcite Filled Fractures (or Beef) in drilling samples (cuttings) from unconventional reservoirs (shale gas) for fracture design.
  • Introduction to the Geology of Carbonate Reservoirs
  • Sedimentary Structures
  • The Role of Geoscientists in Hydrocarbon Exploration and Development
University of Manchester, Manchester, UK
Travel Limits: United Kingdom
  • Early Cretaceous Depositional Systems of the North Atlantic Margin: The Challenge of Unlocking the Potential Petroleum System
  • Exploration for Hydrocarbons: The Business of Finding Oil and Gas
  • Fluvial Reservoir Systems: Integrating Outcrop and Subsurface Data to Improve Reservoir Characterisation and Modelling
  • Global Hydrocarbon Resources: Past, Present and Future
  • North African Petroleum Systems
Retired; Adjunct Professor & Lecturer
Travel Limits: Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Colorado
Travel Limits: Peru, Colombia, Argentina
  •  Characterization of naturally fractured reservoirs,
  • Development of mature fields, especially formations evaluation and petrophysical modelling,
  • Reservoir Characterization with 3D geological model construction and geological uncertainty
Travel Limits: Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia.
  • Overview of Logging While Drilling (LWD) Technology
  • Basics of Horizontal Geosteering Drilling and Production Hazards of Evaporites
  • Historical overviews of the Marcellus, Utica, Upper Devonian, or Bone Spring unconventional plays
Total Petroleum
Travel Limits: Europe
  • Exploring the Nile Delta – discovery examples from shallow to deep
  • An example of a prolific onshore rift system – Barmer Basin, Rajasthan
  • Petroleum Geology of the Emerging East African Rift System
  • Petroleum Geology of the Emerging Levantine Basin
  • The Petroleum Geology of the Indian Subcontinent
Leoben Mining University
Travel Limits: Europe
  • Petroleum Systems Analysis in the Alpine Foreland Basin
Shell Oil
Travel Limits: Gulf Coast Section
  • Introduction to the Perdido Fold Belt and the Wilcox play in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico
  • Careers in the geosciences in the oil and gas industry
  • Geology of the Haynesville Shale play in north Louisiana
  • The role of geologists and geophysicists in developing unconventional plays
Panamerican Energy
Travel Limits: Argentina and other Latin American countries
  • Challenges in the Oil Industry
  • Life in the Oil Industry
  • The Workday of a Development Geologist
Travel Limits: Argentina, Latin America
  • Introduction to the Oil and Gas Industry
  • My Experience as an Oil Geologist
  • Uses of Common Tools for Oil Geologists: Cuttings, Cores, and Logs
Rose Associates
Travel Limits: Indonesia
  • Now That I've Graduated, How Do I Include the Real World Uncertainties in My Evaluation?
  • How to Characterize Geologic Interpretations and their Inherent Uncertainties with Resource Volumes and Chance of Success
Travel Limits: Indonesia
  • Burial and Thermal Maturity
  • Check Shot and Velocity Surveys and Vertical Seismic Profiles – The Differences
  • Fault Trend and Lead Mapping
  • Fundamentals of Land and Marine Seismic Data Acquisition
  • Fundamentals of Seismic Data Interpretation
  • Fundamentals of Seismic Data Processing
  • Generative Basin Concept (after Demaison)
  • Genetic Classification of Petroleum Systems – Migration and Entrapment (after Demaison and Huizinga)
  • Hydrocarbon Seal Rocks
  • Overpressure in Sedimentary Basins
  • Petroleum System Elements (A Summary)
  • Petroleum Traps and Trap Styles (after Milton and Bertram)
  • Real 2D Seismic Section Interpretation (single lines emphasizing "Funny Looking Things", Wrench Fault, Ramp Anticline, Extensional Fault Blocks, Carbonate Buildup, Passive Margin Shelf, etc.)
  • Secondary Migration Concepts
  • Seismic Velocity and Time to Depth Conversion
  • Source Rocks
  • Subsurface Data Contouring (after Tearpock) and Contouring Geologic Concepts
  • Synthetic 2D Seismic Section Interpretation (North Sea Brent Field, Unmigrated vs Migrated - Ramp Anticline, Cornucopia, etc.)
  • Tangguh Gas Fields – The Discovery of 20+ TCFG in West Papua, Indonesia by ARCO During 1994-1998
  • Trend Mapping
  • Tying Geology to Seismic – The Synthetic Seismograms
  • Various Short "Bites" related to Seismic Polarity, Bandwidth, Phase
Independent Geologist
Travel Limits: Asia Pacific
Easco East Sepanjang PSC
Travel Limits: Indonesia
  • A Well Drilling in Petroleum Exploration
  • Rig Visit (2 days)
  • Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
  • Wireline Well Logging and Interpretation
ND Western Limited
Travel Limits: Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda
  • Depositional Environments
  • Clastic Sediments
  • Petroleum Geology and Geochemistry
Talisman Energy Malaysia
Travel Limits:
  • Play Based Mapping
Travel Limits: Eastern Europe
  • Alps, Carpathians and Pannonian Basin
  • Black Sea
  • Morocco
  • Salt tectonics
Executive Director, Earth and Energy Resources Leadership. Queen’s University, Kingston, ON
Travel Limits: Eastern US, Canada
  • Career Boosting in the Petroleum Industry
  • Navigating the Geoscience - Business Interface
  • Your Force Awakens – Finding a Job During a Downturn
Independent Consultant
Travel Limits: Latin America
  • Analogs for Phanerozoic Lacustrine Microbialite-Bearing Reservoirs
  • Carbonate Rocks as Petroleum Reservoirs
  • History of Petroleum Exploration in Brazil
Petrotrin, Exploration and Development
Travel Limits: Latin America Region (Caribbean, Central America & Mexico, Northern South America, Southern South America)
  • 1d, 2d Basin Modelling
  • Interpreting Seismic Sections and Field Data
  • Renewable Energies
  • Strike Slip Tectonism
Travel Limits: Pacific Section, Nevada, Mexico, and other parts of the world
Energy and Geoscience Institute, University of Utah
Travel Limits: Rocky Mountain Section, Mid-Continent Section, South America
  • Big Data, Big Oil and Big Science: New Insights Along the South Atlantic Margin
  • Heat Anomalies & Irregular Source Rock Maturity: A Worldwide Phenomenon
  • Mexican Petroleum Systems Challenges and Opportunity for IOC's
  • Petroleum Systems of Colombia
PETRONAS, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Travel Limits: Asia Pacific
  • Oh! The Outcrops You Will Go! - A Dr. Seuss Inspired Geological Adventure
Eötvös Loránd University
Travel Limits: Europe
  • Fractal Geometry and Fault Statistics – theory and case studies
  • Parallel Salt and Methane Generation – theory, analysis, analogue experiences
  • The Importance of Remote Sensing in Geological Mapping
Independent Consultant - Geologist
Travel Limits: Latin America Region (Southern South America)
  • Petroleum Systems Evaluation
  • Prospect Evaluation, Risk Analysis & Exploration Economics
  • Source Rock Characterization
Travel Limits: Gulf Coast
  • Geological Interpretation from Borehole Images: How and Why
Travel Limits: Asia/Pacific, Canada, Europe Regions
  • Structural Setting of Turbidite Systems, a Global Comparison
Perenco Oil & Gas Colombia Limited, Bogota, Colombia
Travel Limits: Latin America
  • AAPG Introduction & Experience
  • Introduction to Integrated 3D Reservoir Modeling (Petrel Workshop)
  • Oil Field Production Geology
  • Operations Geology for Junior Geologist
  • Rig Visit (Guando Field)
Ecopetrol Brasil, Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Travel Limits: Worldwide
  • A Journey Throughout Seismic Interpretation: From Conventional Subsurface Mapping up to the Quantitative Reservoir Characterization
  • Can we actually predict rock properties from seismic data? Part myth, part [very profitable] reality.
  • Quantitative Seismic Interpretation of Multicomponent Data for Reservoir Characterization in the Middle Magdalena Valley Basin, Colombia
  • Velocity Modeling for Time-to-Depth Conversion: Examples and Pitfalls
  • Well-Seismic Tie: More than a Visual Correlation
Apache Corporation
Travel Limits: International
  • Apache on the E&P Industry: Rift Tectonics & Structural Inheritance
Petrobras, R&D - Geochemistry Section
Travel Limits: Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe, North America, Latin America
  • Brazilian Petroleum Systems
  • Organic Geochemistry Applied to Petroleum Geology
  • The Relevance to be Engaged with a Technical-Scientific Association
Wickstrom Geoscience, LLC
Travel Limits: Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Michigan, Indiana
  • History of Oil and Gas Development in Ohio
  • Can Unbiased Science Prevail in an Overtly Political Society?
  • Energy and Geology Today
  • Geology of the Utica-Point Pleasant Shale Play
  • Our changing energy mix, geology's role, basics of oil & gas, the shale revolution and "fracking"
University of the West Indies
Travel Limits: Latin America, Europe, and North America
  • Micropaleontology and Sequence Stratigraphy
  • Paleontology as an Indicator of the Neogene Evolution of Trinidad
  • Simple Statistical Methods for Use in Quantitative Micropaleontology
Travel Limits: Latin America Region
  • Stratigraphy Analysis and Geological Data: Importance and Basic Principals
  • The Impact of Mineral Stratigraphy in Deposit Evaluation
  • The Importance of Sequence Stratigraphy in Hydrocarbon Exploration
  • The Role of Geological Science in Petroleum Exploration

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