How to Form a Student Chapter

Initially your group would need...

  • At least six AAPG Student members within your geoscience department. (Note: The chapter may start now with six (6) members, but must have 9 by the end of one year.)
  • A Faculty Advisor who is a ‘Member’ or ‘Associate’ of AAPG and a professor at the university willing to serve as faculty advisor. If a Faculty Advisor isn't an AAPG Member and would like to become one, they may be eligible for dues sponsorship from Chevron.

Gather the following information and submit it to the AAPG headquarters to start your chapter:

  • List of student names with membership numbers.
  • Name of Faculty Advisor with membership number and email address.
  • Official name of your chapter with complete mailing address (Examples: University of Aberdeen Chapter of the AAPG, Muckers Coterie- University of California at Santa Barbara, or Kansas State University AAPG Student Chapter).
  • Affiliated sponsor society and name of the society liaison. (This is now a recommendation only. It is no longer a requirement.)
  • List of your Executive Committee with email addresses. (President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer)

Questions? Ready to start your own student chapter? Contact an AAPG Programs Coordinator at [email protected].

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