The American Association of Petroleum Geologists' brand is AAPG’s signature and one of its most valuable assets. Used properly, it endorses, reinforces and distinguishes our core values, guiding principles, the products we sell, the customers we serve and the science we deliver to the industry and the world. Over time, consistent branding defines a promise and a level of expectation that together build trust in the eyes of customers.

The AAPG’s brand identity reflects our evolution and pathway to the future – from a national organization to a global association comprised of diversified members, multi-disciplinary interests and the technological innovations that fall under the umbrella of petroleum geosciences.

Why do we need branding guidelines?

This guide sets forth simple but specific guidelines for applying the AAPG brand, including “do” and “do not” examples, to maintain consistency of all that makes our signature uniquely ours – and shapes positive, memorable perceptions by our customers.

Who should use this guide?

AAPG marketing staff and all third-party associations, partners, sponsors, advertisers and vendors, when designing or producing materials in which the AAPG brand is used.

How should this guide be used?

As a tool when developing any marketing, advertising and communications materials in print or electronic form, so that each piece is distinctively recognized as an authentic AAPG-branded piece.

Who can I contact with questions?

, Graphics/Production Designer

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