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Four seals and five pressure systems are recognized in the Sichuan Basin, southwest China; Based on mechanisms analysis and hydrocarbon generation history, a pressure evolution model has been constructed which includes a normal pressure stage, an overpressuring stage, and an overpressure releasing stage.
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Thermochemical sulfate reduction (TSR) is complex and cannot be simply represented. The application of three-dimensional reactive transport modeling presented in this paper is a good example of how such an approach to investigate TSR can be used prior to drilling.
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A suite of surface-based models of heterolithic, cross-bedded tidal sandstones has been investigated via flow simulation in order to calculate effective permeability. Effective permeability is highly anisotropic and decreases as the mudstone fraction increases.
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This study demonstrates a method for generating fault envelope grids on full-field reservoir models where fault cores are modeled. Volumetrically expressed fault cores substantially influence forecasts of field behavior and should be considered during production planning.
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This sequence stratigraphic study in the Neuquén Basin, Argentina, contributes to the understanding of the relationship between organic matter, clay minerals, facies, stacking patterns, and relative sea-level changes in this exceptional shale-oil and shale-gas unconventional reservoir.
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With less than 30 days until the June 18 HoD Annual Meeting, and this Delegates’ Voice to be published before the convention, we wanted to summarize concerns for the two amendments offered by the EC and/or HoD leadership, and champion the two amendments that 60-plus members petitioned to be passed.

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In last month’s DV a few of our members submitted a letter in opposition to the proposed amendment to AAPG’s bylaws concerning the Advisory Council (AC), to be voted upon at the HoD meeting in Calgary. This amendment, if approved, will allow each Section, Region and Division to have a voting representative on the AC.

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In this column you will find a link to “v.13” of the reformatted constitution and bylaws. There have been numerous sub-versions within the major versions, so it is no exaggeration to say that there have been over two dozen versions of the document that have been thoroughly vetted by delegates, committees and leadership over the past year.

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Rarely in the recent history of House of Delegates meetings has a more profound initiative come out of the annual meeting. Beginning at the HoD meeting in Denver, Bob Shoup instituted an initiative to simplify the Bylaws in an effort to make them more readable and understandable.
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In the proposed simplified and reformatted bylaws being considered for approval in Calgary, you are a member of the House of Delegates and a Member of the Association. In the first instance, you are a member with a lowercase m; in the latter, you are a Member with an uppercase M.

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Recently Added Special Publications
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The nine papers in this special issue of the AAPG Bulletin published in 2006 are dedicated to structurally controlled hydrothermal alteration of carbonate rocks and reservoirs.
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This book, in digital download format, is a blueprint for your success, a must read for anyone stepping out on his or her own. Full of suggestions from financing options to networking strategies, this digital download will ease the apprehensions of those going out on their own.
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This Special Publication provides significant contributions at a pivotal time in our understanding of microbial carbonates when their economic importance has become established and the results of many research programmes are coming to fruition.
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This zipped file contains geodatabase and xls (Excel) tables used by ExxonMobil in creating and editing geologic GIS feature classes and building attribute tables. AAPG Datapages, Inc. appreciates the efforts by the AAPG GIS Publication committee and ExxonMobil.
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These datasets depict the location and extent of oil and gas fields and pools across Pennsylvania, provide basic reservoir characterization data at the pool level (to the extent possible), and provide representative well-specific data to chronicle the evolution of the petroleum industry from the time of Drake’s well (Titusville, 1859) through the end of calendar year 2011.
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This is a regional study that stretches from Anderson County, Texas in the northeast to Fayette County, Texas in the southwest. The GIS data captures individual formations in the Wilcox Group, plus the Carrizo Sand unit: maximum sand thickness, net sand thickness, lignite thickness, resistivity of maximum sand thickness (to delineate ground water movement) and percent sand
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The data presented in the following files were sourced from the global heat flow database of the International Heat Flow Commission, which is managed by the University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND USA.
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Deltaic depositional facies result from interacting dynamics processes (wave energy, tidal regime, currents, climate, etc.), which modify and disperse riverborne (fluvial) clastic deposits.

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The next chapter in the investigation of Myanmar's "Exciting Evolution" as an international exploration target is about to unfold – and now's your chance to be part of the story.
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The "New Thinking and Value Propositions in Exploration and Production: ProActive Steps Now" GTW Workshop was an excellent opportunity to knowledge share in a time of low price environments every where.   

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A limited number of scholarships for ACE 2016 registration are now available to displaced geoscientists and energy professionals. Eligible applicants will pay just 50% of the current prevailing rates for the full convention, including all technical sessions, networking events and the exhibition.

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Exploring - and finding new success - in mature basins can be a difficult challenge for all geoscientists. Don't miss this unique learning opportunity in 2017.
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The deadline for abstracts submission for SPE/AAPG/EAGE Unconventional Plays Workshop: Achieving Efficiency and Effectiveness through Integration has been extended until 31 July 2016. Don’t miss this opportunity to prepare a paper and become a part of this exciting event.

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