Natasha Morrison Natasha Morrison President (2021-2023) NSDEM 19027196575
Chris  Barton Chris Barton Vice President Treasurer (2020-2022) Shadow Energy Inc. 1-403-869-2313
Marc H. Enter Marc H. Enter Secretary Foreman (2021-2023) Vidence (403) 333-6086
Ryan Thomas Lemiski Ryan Thomas Lemiski Advisory Councilor (2020-2023) Gran Tierra Energy +1 (403) 698-7953

The House of Delegates of the AAPG is made up of delegates from affiliated societies and international regions throughout the world. They are selected by popular vote from within their respective areas and serve a three year term.

Who Is My Delegate?

Office Contacts

Vicki Beighle Administrative Team Lead +1 918 560 2615