Elements of AAPG’s Bulletin

The AAPG Bulletin is a technical journal that is recognized in the industry as the leading peer-reviewed publication for information on geoscience and the associated technology of the energy industry. The AAPG Bulletin is received monthly online or in print by all members.

Following is the purpose and brief description of each element that is printed in the AAPG Bulletin to which authors may submit their manuscripts.


Articles are papers of major extent and contain detailed geologic data that support original interpretations or methods. The AAPG Bulletin does not accept papers that have been published or that are being considered elsewhere.

E&P Notes

E&P Notes are short, timely, general interest papers focused on current exploration plays and practical field descriptions to improve recovery of petroleum, natural gas, and other energy mineral resources.

Environmental Geosciences

Environmental Geosciences are papers of major extent and contain detailed discussions of environmental topics from a geological perspective; transferring the profession’s understanding of geological, geochemical, geophysical, and hydrogeological principles and methodologies to the solutions of environmental problems.

Geologic Notes

Geologic Notes are peer-reviewed scientific papers addressing topics of broad and current interest to the geoscience community, such as geoscience education trends, workforce issues, and energy transition and integration.


Geohorizons papers focus on current technical methodologies and should be written for the general readership rather than for a limited audience of experts in a given field.

Discussions and Replies

Discussion and Replies pertain to articles published in the AAPG Bulletin. They are brief and to the point.


Memorials are no more than 800 words, include a recent photo, and are written with an emphasis on professional activities of the deceased.

Cover Photographs

The AAPG Bulletin considers good-quality color photos of geologic interest for the front cover. Preferred photos are images that relate to a submitted paper, but stand-alone images with no connection to submitted manuscripts are also considered.