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Welcome to the upgraded AAPG website

You are reading this message because you have been provided an external link to AAPG’s Members Only section. 

I am a Member, Associate, or Student

At the top right corner of this page is a "Login" button. Click this button to log in with your AAPG ID number.

If you don't know your AAPG ID number, please email Member Services or call 1-800-364-2274.
Once You're Logged In, You Should:
  1. Carefully read the instructions to set up your AAPG Display Name (this is the name that will be displayed to other users if you choose to interact with them)
  2. Proceed through a quick validation process to establish your AAPG Profile.
If you are an AAPG Member, Associate or Student member you are preregistered to use this website with your usual login credentials.
Customizing Your Profile

We have given users full control over what parts of their AAPG Profile can be viewed by others. Additionally, we have enabled users to customize the type(s) of news and updates they want to receive from AAPG. 

After logging in you will see a “My Profile” link at the top right of every page. This is where you can edit your AAPG Profile, configure your privacy settings, set your contact preferences, print receipts and access your personal AAPG information. 

I am not a Member of the AAPG

If you are not a member of the AAPG we invite you to at least register to use our site. This will enhance your experience as you read the news, review the training available, and consider the next meeting you might like to attend. Check out, too, the discussion forums that are opening soon through AAPG N.E.T. where you may Network, Engage, and Talk with others who share your interests.

TIP: First Time Login

You will be prompted to select a display name and to configure your privacy settings.

Private - only shown to you
Members - only shown to AAPG Members
Public - shown to all registered users (users with an account) - This can include people not eligible for AAPG membership.