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Visiting Geoscientist Program

Visiting Geoscientists are industry experts who are excited to share their professional experience in classrooms across the globe.

Speakers are available to talk on many petroleum geology and geoscience topics including: environmental geology, energy minerals, hydrogeology, oil and gas, unconventional resources and climate change, as well as many other industry-related topics.

Visiting Geoscientists are available to visit over one or more days. Talk offerings may include one or more of the following:

  • An introductory meeting with the head of the geology department, dean of the college and other administrators.
  • A presentation on geoscience careers to a combined group of students and professors, followed by a question and answer session.
  • A technical talk or short course.
  • An open meeting with small groups and faculty members and/or tour of classroom laboratory and library facilities.
  • An interview with local and campus news media.
  • A final luncheon or wrap-up session with students and faculty members.

Consider choosing two or more of the options above to maximize the impact of your VG visit. Exposure across multiple offerings may help students decide whether a career in geoscience is right for them. Informal discussions between VGs and students receive the highest rating in program evaluations.

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