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Who Should Attend

Geoscientists and engineers currently interested in CO2 injection/storage well core analysis requirements outlined in EPA Class VI UIC Guideline regulatory documents


The SRMS is a powerful management tool that provides a means to classify and characterize storable quantities of carbon dioxide in a manner similar to that provided by the PRMS for oil and gas reserves and resources. This course will provide you with a thorough understanding of the principles and guidelines of what is likely to become the global standard for CO storage.

Furthermore, course attendees will receive valuable insights into the economics and investment case for CCS and related investments.

Course Content

As part of the international effort to combat global warming, significant attention is being given to ways to sequester (store for the long-term) carbon dioxide, which is a major contributor to the greenhouse effect. It is therefore critical that there is a universal means to record the storage volumes by recognizing the maturity of the projects to be implemented and the confidence that can be placed in the estimated sequestered volumes.

GaffneyCline is proud to have assisted Santos by auditing the storage quantities for the Moomba CCS facility in the Cooper Basin, Australia. Santos is believed to be the first company in the world to report Capacity using the SRMS.

This one-day course will look at some of the ways in which carbon dioxide can be stored and provide a detailed review of the SRMS framework prepared by the Society of Petroleum Engineers to classify and categorize the storage volumes. The course will include example calculations to show how the storage quantities can be estimated. The advantage of an in-house course for participants is that any confidential situation can be freely discussed.

An additional feature of the course syllabus will feature the economics of CCS in the context of the various carbon pricing and policy incentives that are being developed, with an assessment of the risks involved in capture, transport, and storage. The economic framework in which CCS operates around the world will be described, with examples given to illustrate how the investment case is evolving.

Although there are a number of business models emerging, the most popular of these will be set out, with a description of how risks are being assessed and allocated between project participants, host governments and lenders.

Course Topics

The first part of the course will provide:

  • An overview of carbon capture, utilization and storage, including the role of greenhouse gasses
  • Discussion of typical modes of storage of carbon dioxide in saline aquifers and depleted oil and gas fields
  • Detailed review of the SRMS, including principles and key definitions
  • Discussion of economics and evaluation methods
  • The methodologies are illustrated with examples

The economic and commercial features of the course will cover:

  • The cost base involved in capture, transmission, and storage
  • Carbon pricing methodologies and their relevance to CCS
  • The emerging investment case for CCS around the world, including policy support and incentives
  • The CCS business model and risk allocation


30 Attendees
Educational Units:
0.8 CEU
Continental Breakfast
Digital course notes


Rawdon Seager
Nichoals Fulford
Field Seminar Location

The program will be broken up into two groups that will rotate stations through the laboratory to increase the face time with technical experts and lab equipment. Below is a summary of the stations.

Station A - Reservoir Characterization
  • Mineralogy quantification and fluid interactions
  • Core description & chemostratigraphic relationships
  • Petrographic analysis (thin sections & SEM)
Station B - Porosity & Permeability Measurements
  • Routine Core Analysis
  • Special Core Analysis
    • Threshold Entry Pressure
    • CO2 Exposure Testing (Pre & Post Characterization)
    • Relative Permeability (critical CO2 injection)
Station C - Rock Mechanical Property Measurements
  • Sample preparation
  • Static & Dynamic measurements (live testing)
Station D - Fluid-Fluid & Fluid-Rock Interaction
  • Formation fluid to injected fluid interaction (Core Flow Experiments)
  • Fluid-Fluid & Fluid-Rock interactions near the wellbore and further away
Station E - Upscaling, Integration, and Applications
  • Petrophysical modeling
  • Multiphase Flow Modeling
  • Reactive Transport Modeling
40 Attendees
Transportation is NOT included. Each participant will be responsible for their own transportation to and from the facility.
Field trip participation will be limited to activity inside the facility and does not start until you arrive at Premier Corex. If you must use a rideshare provider, we encourage you to use a reputable company.
Outside temperatures can range from 75-100 degrees Fahrenheit, but most of this trip will take place in a climate-controlled building for the duration of the tour.
With respect to COVID precautions, Premier Corex will be following CDC guidelines and recommendations.
Closed toed shoes are required to access certain parts of the lab. Eye protection (safety glasses) will be provided for all attendees.

Trip Leaders

  • Bryan Guzman and Meri McCulley

Trip Instructors

Michael C. Dix
Station A
Jules Reed
Stations B & D
David Sutton
Station B
Sean Arrington
Station C
Frank Zamora
Station D
Peter Johnson
Station E


Steven Loring Veal Steven Veal Committee Director USA
Nathan Alan Randolph Nathan Randolph Vice President Geologist, Pablo Energy II, LLC, USA
Johannes Alvarez Johannes Alvarez Program Chair Chevron, USA
Scott W. Singleton Scott Singleton Program Chair NextEra Energy, USA
Katerina Yared Katerina Yared Program Chair Petrophysicist P.G. PMP, SM Energy, USA
Luis R. Baez Luis Baez Theme Chair ConocoPhillips, USA
Alejandro Lerza Alejandro Lerza Theme Chair Chevron, Argentina
Amit Singh Amit Singh Theme Chair Chevron
Craig Cipolla Craig Cipolla Theme Chair Hess Corporation , USA
Autumn Shannon Autumn Shannon Theme Chair Marathon Oil, USA
Baosheng Liang Baosheng Liang Theme Chair Research Scientist, Chevron, USA
Stanley Scott Birkhead Stanley Birkhead Theme Chair USA
Yulia Faulkner Yulia Faulkner Theme Chair Premier Oilfield Group
Mehrnoosh Saneifar Mehrnoosh Saneifar Theme Chair Chevron
David William Hume David Hume Theme Chair Business Development , Independent Consultant, USA
Matthew Troy Poole Matthew Poole Theme Chair Shell Exploration and Production, USA
Jayne Alexandra Sloan Jayne Sloan Theme Chair Senior Development Geologist, Parsley Energy, USA
Danielle D. Ebnother Danielle Ebnother Theme Chair Senior Exploration Geologist, SM Energy, USA
Orlando Jose Teran Orlando Teran Theme Chair Ovintiv, USA
Andrew Jude Lewis Andrew Lewis Theme Chair Technology Manager, Fairfield Geotechnologies, USA
Marianne  Rauch Marianne Rauch Theme Chair Principal Technical Advisor, multi client onshore, TGS, USA
Ahmad Ghassemi Ahmad Ghassemi Theme Chair The University of Oklahoma, USA
Yunhui Tan Yunhui Tan Theme Chair Chevron, USA
Ruiting Wu Ruiting Wu Theme Chair Chevron
Amy  Henry Amy Henry Plenary Speakers CEO, Eunike Ventures, USA
Craig Barrie Craig Barrie Theme Chair Applied Petroleum Technology, USA
Ben Dell Ben Dell Plenary Speakers Kimmeridge
Jason Jweda Jason Jweda Theme Chair ConocoPhillips, USA
Clay Gasper Clay Gasper Plenary Speakers Devon Energy
Wei Wang Wei Wang Theme Chair Chevron
Rob Fast Rob Fast Plenary Speakers Hess Corporation
Didi Mey Ooi Didi Ooi Theme Chair OXY, USA
Eduardo Gliden Eduardo Gliden Theme Chair
Birol Dindoruk Birol Dindoruk Theme Chair University of Houston
Sebastien F. Matringe Sebastien Matringe Theme Chair Hess Corporation, USA
Yongshe Liu Yongshe Liu Theme Chair ConocoPhillips
George Koperna George Koperna Theme Chair Advanced Resources Int'l Inc, USA
Hao H. Sun Hao Sun Theme Chair Chevron, USA
Thomas Alwin Blasingame, PhD Thomas Blasingame Topical Luncheon and Panelists Texas A&M University, USA
Liang Xu Liang Xu Theme Chair Evonik
Rick F. Walker Rick Walker Topical Luncheon and Panelists Mobil/XOM/BHP
Denise Benoit Denise Benoit Theme Chair Halliburton
Andy Hendricks Andy Hendricks Topical Luncheon and Panelists Patterson UTI
Alexsandra  Martinez Alexsandra Martinez Theme Chair DeGolyer and MacNaughton, USA
Hannah Chittenden Hannah Chittenden Topical Luncheon and Panelists Senior Staff Geophysicist , Diamondback Energy , USA
Luis R. Baez Luis Baez Topical Luncheon and Panelists ConocoPhillips, USA
Hosein Kalaei Hosein Kalaei Theme Chair ConocoPhillips
David Fulford David Fulford Topical Luncheon and Panelists EIV Resources
Katie Essary Katie Essary Theme Chair Chevron, USA
Eric Bryan Eric Bryan Topical Luncheon and Panelists DeGolyer & MacNaughton
Susan Howes Susan Howes Theme Chair Subsurface Consultants & Associates, LLC, USA
Yuxing Ben Yuxing Ben Topical Luncheon and Panelists data scientist, OXY, USA
Travis Clark Travis Clark Topical Luncheon and Panelists Chevron
Autumn Haagsma Autumn Haagsma Technical Program Chair Director, Michigan Geological Repository for Research and Education/Michigan Geological Survey, USA
Douglas Nelson Valleau Douglas Valleau Plenary Session Subcommittee Co-Chair President, Strategia Innovation & Technology Advisors. LLc, USA
Alireza Haghighat Alireza Haghighat Topical Luncheon and Panelists S&P Global Commodity Insights
David Edward Riestenberg David Riestenberg Technical Program Chair Geologist - Advanced Resources International, Inc, ARI, USA
Eugene Garth Rhodes Eugene Rhodes Plenary Session Subcommittee Co-Chair Pioneer Natural Resources, USA
Scott W. Singleton Scott Singleton Technical Program Chair Independence Resources Management, USA
Jay Stratton Jay Stratton Plenary Session Subcommittee Co-Chair Fossil Energy Tech, USA
Thomas Johnson Thomas Johnson Topical Luncheon and Panelists Halliburton
Luis R. Baez Luis Baez Panels Sessions Subcommittee Co-Chair ConocoPhillips, USA
Alejandro Lerza Alejandro Lerza Panels Sessions Subcommittee Co-Chair Chevron, Argentina
Autumn Shannon Autumn Shannon Panels Sessions Subcommittee Co-Chair Marathon Oil, USA
Steve Maddison Steve Maddison Topical Luncheon and Panelists HESS Corporation
Jennifer Charbonneau Jennifer Charbonneau Topical Luncheon and Panelists Chord Energy
Yogashri Pradhan Yogashri Pradhan Panels Sessions Subcommittee Co-Chair Endevor, USA
Jose F. Delgado Jose Delgado Special Sessions Subcommittee Co-Chair ConocoPhillips, USA
Ali C. Tura, PhD Ali Tura Organizing Committee Colorado School of Mines, USA
Christopher Clarkson Christopher Clarkson Special Sessions Subcommittee Co-Chair University of Calgary, Canada
Nicholas J. Gianoutsos Nicholas Gianoutsos Topical Luncheon and Panelists U.S. Geological Survey, USA
Jean-Paul Van Gestel, PhD Jean-Paul Van Gestel Organizing Committee BP, USA
Bin Yuan Bin Yuan Special Sessions Subcommittee Co-Chair China University of Petroleum
William V. Maloney William Maloney Organizing Committee Trident Energy, USA
Rosa Maria Aguilar Sanchez-Dehesa Rosa Aguilar Sanchez-Dehesa Special Sessions Subcommittee Co-Chair Repsol, Spain
Rosa Aguilar Rosa Aguilar Special Sessions Subcommittee Co-Chair Developmen Geologist and Geomodeller, Repsol, USA
Elena Melchert Elena Melchert Topical Luncheon and Panelists Podcast Host
Matthew Rine Matthew Rine Organizing Committee Geologist, Rocklocker, USA
Marianne  Rauch Marianne Rauch Special Sessions Subcommittee Co-Chair Principal Technical Advisor, multi client onshore, TGS, USA
Paul  Anderson Paul Anderson Organizing Committee Oxy
Jayne Alexandra Sloan Jayne Sloan Special Sessions Subcommittee Co-Chair Senior Development Geologist, Parsley Energy, USA
Eleine M. Vence Eleine Vence Organizing Committee Staff Geologist, ConocoPhillips, USA
Denise Benoit Denise Benoit Topicals Subcommittee Co-Chair Halliburton
Rachelle Ann Kernen Rachelle Kernen Organizing Committee Postdoctoral Research Fellow Australian School of Petroleum and Energy Resources, University of Adelaide Australian School of Petroleum and Energy Resources, Australia
David J. Tonner David Tonner Topical Luncheon and Panelists Diversified Well Logging, USA
Hosein Kalaei Hosein Kalaei Topicals Subcommittee Co-Chair ConocoPhillips
Elshalom Chioma Omokpariola Elshalom Omokpariola Organizing Committee Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nigeria
Sebastien F. Matringe Sebastien Matringe Topicals Subcommittee Co-Chair Hess Corporation, USA
Kathryn Lydia Tamulonis Kathryn Tamulonis Organizing Committee Assistant Professor, Allegheny College, USA
Elvira Pureza Gomez Hernandez Elvira Gomez Hernandez General Chair AAPG Vice President of International Regions, Colombia
Isaac Aviles Isaac Aviles Topicals Subcommittee Co-Chair Schlumberger, USA
Caroline Wachtman Caroline Wachtman Organizing Committee Geologist, Zarvona Energy, USA
Susan Smith Nash Susan Nash U-PITCH Subcommittee Co-Chair Director of Innovation, Emerging Science and Technology, AAPG, USA
Julie M. Bloxson Julie Bloxson Organizing Committee Stephen F Austin State University, USA
Nabila Lazreg   Nabila Lazreg   U-PITCH Subcommittee Co-Chair
Isaac Aviles Isaac Aviles U-PITCH Subcommittee Co-Chair Schlumberger, USA
Ganeswara R. Dasari Ganeswara Dasari Organizing Committee ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co., USA
Mark Hamzat O. Erogbogbo Mark Erogbogbo U-PITCH Subcommittee Co-Chair Texas Star Alliance, USA
Izaak Ruiz Izaak Ruiz Organizing Committee Repsol Green Ventures, USA
David William Hume David Hume U-PITCH Subcommittee Co-Chair Business Development , Independent Consultant, USA

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