21 October, 2021 Virtual

Let’s Connect Special Session: About Wells - In Conversation with Drilling Engineers

21 October 2021
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We provide a field-based analysis of the range and variation in deep-water siliciclastic conventional petroleum reservoirs. This presentation explores new themes in petroleum reservoir research and applications, as well as approaches to classic reservoir challenges and how they’re being addressed today. We explain why these technical challenges are relevant to exploration, appraisal and development drilling programs. This analysis questions the turbidite reservoir paradigm established since the 1960s and provides a route to modern solutions:

  • What is the range & variability in the types of deep-water clastic conventional petroleum reservoirs?
  • What are the key factors determining sediment distribution patterns in the deep sea?
  • How can first principles of deep-water sedimentology and stratigraphy be used to a company’s advantage when determining depositional environment, and, in turn, bulk rock volume, net to gross and porosity as part of the original oil in place equation?
  • What is the role played by sedimentary routing systems in determining the overall quality of deep-water turbidite reservoirs?
  • How can we as an industry simultaneously and at various scales observe sediment gravity flows and their deposits to inform business decisions?
Course Content

Back by Popular Demand; this course is identical to the one AAPG Asia Pacific presented 13-14 April 2021 and the one presented by AAPG Latin America and Caribbean 16 March 2021.

Modern outcrops and subsurface data sets provide a mapping opportunity to characterize deep-water depositional systems from shelf edge to basin plain. This includes observations of the grain- to basin-scale framework and key stratigraphic surfaces that subdivide the basin-fill. Analysis from recent mapping campaigns (2009-2020) from over 20 stratigraphic intervals in the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific yields the following insights.

(1) The range and variability in deep-water siliciclastic conventional petroleum reservoirs includes deposits resulting from transport and deposition via fluid turbulence, matrix strength and a combination of those two mechanisms.

(2) Sediment distribution patterns in the deep sea are controlled by several key factors including various aspects of grain size and sediment volume, gradient, accommodation and overall basin type.

(3) Sub-bed-scale, semi-quantitative analysis of sedimentary fabric ratios commonly gleaned from core and image logs reveals critical information on bulk rock volume, net:gross and porosity to help determine stock tank original oil in place (STOOIP).

(4) Sedimentary provenance and source-to-sink routing systems are intimately linked to overall reservoir presence and reservoir quality in fine-grained turbidite reservoirs.

(5) Downslope sediment gravity flow behavior can be used to calibrate and understand the predictive attributes in deep-water reservoir type from canyon head to basin plain.

Field Seminar Location

The trip will consist of two main stops:

  1. Holcim Quarry; Fort Collins, CO: Examine Niobrara Formation and Codell Sandstone
  2. Cemex Quarry; Lyons, CO: Examine Niobrara Formation stratigraphy & discuss fracture systems

Transportation will depart from the Denver Convention Center at 8:00am and return at 5:00pm

$250 per person
Field Trip Guidebook


Xavier Ravi Moonan Xavier Moonan Chair Exploration Manager and Senior Geoscientist, Touchstone Exploration, Trinidad Tobago
Xavier Ravi Moonan Xavier Moonan Chair Exploration Manager and Senior Geoscientist, Touchstone Exploration, Trinidad Tobago
Xavier Ravi Moonan Xavier Moonan Chair Exploration Manager and Senior Geoscientist, Touchstone Exploration, Trinidad Tobago
Steven Loring Veal Steven Veal Committee Director USA
Jonathan M. Brady Jonathan Brady Council Member Geologist - PG, CPG, USA
Joseph Carl Fiduk, PhD Joseph Fiduk Council Member Fiduk Consulting, LLC, USA
Ronald Blake Meers Ronald Meers Council Member Consultant, USA
Sarah G. Stanley Sarah Stanley Council Member Mrs., Geophysical Insights, USA
Mary Louise Van Der Loop Mary Van Der Loop Council Member Sanctuary Oaks Consultants Int'l, USA
Ralph Wayne Baird Ralph Baird Alternate Council Member Founder/President, Baird Petrophysical International, USA
Bruce A. Falkenstein Bruce Falkenstein Alternate Council Member Consultant, USA
Jon Brenizer Jon Brenizer Council Member Senior Geologist, Devon Energy, USA
Donald G. Burdick Donald Burdick Council Member CEO, Olifant Energy, USA
Michael Joseph Bone Michael Bone Alternate Council Member Geologist, USA
Douglas Vincent Davis, Jr. Douglas Davis Jr. Alternate Council Member Consulting Geologist, D-EX Production Co., USA
Peter Dekker Peter Dekker Council Member Chief Geophysicist, PetroSA, South Africa
Jay Stratton Jay Stratton SPE Co-Chair Ultra Petroleum, USA
Johannes Alvarez Johannes Alvarez SPE Co-Chair Chevron, USA
Stephanie Perry Stephanie Perry AAPG Co-Chair Chief Petrophysical Advisor, GeoMark Research, USA
Scott W. Singleton Scott Singleton SEG Co-Chair Independence Resources Management, USA
Michael McWalter Michael McWalter Council Member Special Advisor, Oil Search Ltd , Papua New Guinea
Robert Archer Hull Robert Hull Theme Chair Consultant, USA
Craig Cipolla Craig Cipolla Theme Chair Hess Corporation , USA
Alejandro Lerza Alejandro Lerza Theme Chair Chevron, Argentina
Kathryn Elise Dianiska Kathryn Dianiska Theme Chair Occidental Petroleum, USA
John Richard Hogg John Hogg Council Member Skybattle Resources Ltd., Skybattle Resources Ltd., Canada
Katerina Yared Katerina Yared Theme Chair Petrophysicist P.G. PMP, SM Energy, USA
Carrie Glaser Carrie Glaser Theme Chair Geologist, Willamette Petrophysics, USA
Patricia Evelyn Rodrigues Patricia Rodrigues Theme Chair Petrophysical Advisor, Seispetro, USA
Mathilde Luycx Mathilde Luycx Theme Chair ExxonMobil, USA
Matthew Troy Poole Matthew Poole Theme Chair Shell Exploration and Production, USA
Barbara M. Hill Barbara Hill Theme Chair Schlumberger, USA
Donald Walker Donald Walker Theme Chair USA
Andrew  Munoz Andrew Munoz Theme Chair Ensign Natural Resources, USA
Marianne  Rauch Marianne Rauch Theme Chair Principal Technical Advisor, multi client onshore, TGS, USA
Austin Bailey Austin Bailey Theme Chair Geophysicist, Cimarex Energy, USA
Robert Hurt Robert Hurt Theme Chair Pioneer Natural Resources, USA
Ahmad Ghassemi Ahmad Ghassemi Theme Chair The University of Oklahoma, USA
Laurent Louis Laurent Louis Theme Chair Principal Scientist, New England Research, USA
Christopher Lee Ginn Christopher Ginn Theme Chair Sr. Geologist, Occidental Petroleum, USA
John Blair Curtis, PhD John Curtis Theme Chair GeoMark Research, Ltd., USA
Eric E. Michael Eric Michael Theme Chair ConocoPhillips, USA
Jason Jweda Jason Jweda Theme Chair ConocoPhillips, USA
Craig Barrie Craig Barrie Theme Chair GeoMark Research, USA
Mohit Khanna, PhD Mohit Khanna Council Member Dr, Jersey Oil & Gas, UK
Birol Dindoruk Birol Dindoruk Theme Chair University of Houston
Mariano Gurfinkel Mariano Gurfinkel Theme Chair Marathon Oil
Michael P. Ashby Michael Ashby Theme Chair Devon Energy Contracted, USA
Sebastien F. Matringe Sebastien Matringe Theme Chair Hess Corporation, USA
George Koperna George Koperna Theme Chair Advanced Resources Int'l Inc, USA
Autumn Shannon Autumn Shannon Theme Chair Marathon Oil, USA
Hosein Kalaei Hosein Kalaei Theme Chair ConocoPhillips
Didi Mey Ooi Didi Ooi Theme Chair Occidental Petroleum, USA
Susan Howes Susan Howes Theme Chair Subsurface Consultants & Associates, LLC, USA
Alexsandra  Martinez Alexsandra Martinez Theme Chair DeGolyer and MacNaughton, USA
Katie Essary Katie Essary Theme Chair Chevron, USA
David William Hume David Hume Theme Chair Business Development , Independent Consultant, USA
Alice M. Hildick Alice Hildick Theme Chair Vice President - Operations, Fracture ID, USA
Denise Benoit Denise Benoit Theme Chair Halliburton
Bin Yuan Bin Yuan Theme Chair China University of Petroleum
Jayne Alexandra Sloan Jayne Sloan Theme Chair Geologist, Centennial Resource Development, USA
David Livasy David Livasy Theme Chair Parsley Energy
Oscar Fernandez Oscar Fernandez Chair Univiersity of Vienna, Austria
Stephen A. Sonnenberg Stephen Sonnenberg General Chair Professor, Colorado School of Mines, USA
Uaapi  Utjavari Uaapi Utjavari Chair VP exploration Africa Region , Azinam Limited, Namibia
Luis  Baez Luis Baez Theme Chair Shell Exploration and Production Company, USA
Andras  Nemeth Andras Nemeth Co-Chair Exploration project manager, MOL, Hungary
Keith Chan Keith Chan Convener Exploration Geoscientist, Regional Ventures (APAC), Shell Malaysia Limited, Malaysia
Flavio Feijo Flavio Feijo Council Member Geologist, Independent, Brazil
Julie Ellen Shemeta Julie Shemeta SEG General Chair MEQ Geo Inc. , USA
Christoph Leitner Christoph Leitner Chair iC consulenten & University of Salzburg, Austria
Gabor Tari Gabor Tari Co-Chair OMV Upstream, Austria
Douglas Nelson Valleau Douglas Valleau Theme Chair President, Strategia Innovation & Technology Advisors. LLc, USA
Yolanda  Mberirua Yolanda Mberirua Committee Member Management Accountant, Azinam Exploration Namibia, Namibia
Catherine Elizabeth Campbell Catherine Campbell AAPG General Vice Chair Programs Senior Geologist, Camino Natural Resources, USA
Kelly Bott Kelly Bott Theme Chair Ultra Petroleum
Giovanni Aloisi Giovanni Aloisi Committee Member University of Paris, France
Klaus Endresen Klaus Endresen Committee Member BW Kudu
Kaura Kaura Kaura Kaura Committee Member Consultant
Piotr Krzywiec Piotr Krzywiec Committee Member Associate Professor, Institute of Geological Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
Linda Stalker Linda Stalker Committee Member Senior Research Scientist, CSIRO, Australia
Sue Jackson Sue Jackson SEG General Vice Chair Colorado School of Mines
Erika Tokarz Erika Tokarz Theme Chair
Kathleen Counter Benison Kathleen Benison Committee Member West Virginia University, USA
Raffaele Di Cuia Raffaele Di Cuia Committee Member Technical Director, Delta Energy Ltd., UK
Steven Maurice Goolsby Steven Goolsby AAPG General Vice Chair Content Goolsby Brothers & Assoc., Inc., USA
Susan Smith Nash Susan Nash Theme Chair Director of Innovation, Emerging Science and Technology, AAPG, USA
Adam Bere Adam Bere Committee Member Rockfield Ltd., UK
Lisa Chisholm Lisa Chisholm Committee Member Geologist, Resource Development & Management, MPM, PETRONAS, Malaysia
Imre Magyar, PhD Imre Magyar Committee Member Senior Geologist, MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas Plc, Hungary
Selma  Usiku Selma Usiku Committee Member Exploration Geologist, Eco Atlantic Oil & Gas, Namibia
Bryce Alan Swinford Bryce Swinford SEG Technical Program Co-Chair Concho Resources, USA
Walker Dimmig Walker Dimmig Theme Chair Darcy Partners
Claudia Bertoni Claudia Bertoni Committee Member University of Oxford, England (U.K.)
Bridget Venner Bridget Venner Committee Member ExxonMobil
Alan Vranjkovic, PhD Alan Vranjkovic PhD Committee Member G&G Chief Expert, INA Plc, Croatia
Katie-Joe McDonough, PhD Katie-Joe McDonough AAPG Discipline Integration Chair KJM Consulting, LLC, USA
Eugene Garth Rhodes Eugene Rhodes Plenary Session Subcommittee Co-Chair Pioneer Natural Resources, USA
Angelo Camerlenghi Angelo Camerlenghi Committee Member National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics - OGS Trieste, Italy
Taimi Itembu Taimi Itembu Committee Member ExxonMobil

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